Online Poker Steps Into a New Era

By Ben Hamill - June 01 2020

Online Poker Steps Into a New Era

Whoever thought a whole lot of online Poker good could come of a time challenging all of humanity on a global scale? But it has, and talk of sickness and mortality aside, it seems to have given old players and new a completely new lease on life. And one man particularly keen on seeing where ‘the entire thing goes’ is Rising Sun Media CEO Jonas Odman, who says he anticipates the current upswing leaving a permanent mark and even leading to lasting, if not ongoing, returns.

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Not only has the industry seen its ramped-up fair share of advertising traffic in recent months, mostly thanks to online tournaments having grown even bigger than before, but all of that online Poker constantly within plain online site of just about everyone has yielded a result of a different nature, being that of an influx of new players.

The New Best Bet

Ironically, says Odman, the ‘return to online Poker’ has had a great deal to do with a global hiatus on sports events, which led unavoidably to sportsbooks offering betlines on major online tournament outcomes for a complete lack of major sports betting products. And since there’s precious little more than betting on Poker and wagering on online casino games going on right now, the next best thing to betting on online Poker is actually playing.

In addition to those who’ve at one point stopped playing and are now making a mass-return, along with a whole new breed of new players making their way in, there’s also a third group, says Odman. These are the players who prefer the live Poker scene, and with precious little left by way of an alternative right now, they’re bringing their World Series of Poker record-setting support – many for the first time ever – into the world of online tournaments.

The New Normal Is Here To Stay

Odman believes it’s not only the world that’s been made to go semi-permanently topsy turvey by an unprecedented set of circumstances, but also the world of online Poker. He believes that even though many “newcomers” may indeed eventually return to where they had come from, so to speak, many may instead of trying to revert back to the ‘old normal’, choose to stick with a new way of doing things, regardless of the possibility of making a U-turn.

And all of this is obviously great news for the future of online Poker. This, coupled with the fact that there are more online software tools around now aimed at holding on to recreational players than ever before in the history of online Poker, bodes exceptionally well for the game indeed.

Is online, as opposed to live Poker, little more than a passing phase? Not a chance.

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