Slow Indian Summer Coming For Online Poker

By Ben Hamill - May 25 2021

Slow Indian Summer Coming For Online Poker

With warmer weather on its way, not to mention the gradual lifting of stay-at-home orders and other restrictions to movement and socialising, this summer is quickly turning into a period of reckoning for online Poker. This is an industry that has experienced enormous growth ever since the global health crisis first hit in March 2020. And now that the conditions that created the boom are slowly coming to an end, it remains to be seen whether the industry has been mindful enough about holding on to its customers when the going was good.

Perhaps the best and most prominent example of what the industry can expect to see over the next number of months is a manifestation of what Netflix’s CEO said back in 2017, being that sleep – not competitors like YouTube or Amazon Prime – is the company’s biggest rival and competitor. By the same token, alternative forms of entertainment are the online Poker industry’s biggest enemies for revenue and spend.

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Predicting The Post-Slump

Sites have experienced a massive influx of players since stay-at-home orders first became the new normal. And not only did new players sign up in their drones, but so too did returning former online Poker players. The industry was practically living the dream.

But the real litmus test will be the inevitable slump that will follow once the temperatures rise, and restrictions are eased even more as vaccines continue to be rolled out. And from the very epicentre of that test will emerge the big reveal, a separation of sorts of the wheat from the chaff. Those sites who took care of things like player retention, looking out for new and recreational players, and basically playing the long game in general, will continue to benefit from new habits created by unexpected external conditions, whereas those who didn’t, simply just won’t.

A Brand For The Player

From in and amidst all the hustle and bustle and ups and downs experienced by the online Poker industry over recent years, has emerged and stood firm a beacon of stability: PokerStars.

Not only did PokerStars win the faith of customers when it bailed out Full Tilt Poker by acquiring its intellectual property and assets off a deal with the US government back in 2012, but then went on to do more of the same when it created dollar-for-dollar player balances to match the money lost by customers when PKR went bottoms up in 2017.

PokerStars seem truly grasp something many other operators simply don’t, which is the fact that at the end of the day, it isn’t those sites that paid out big during a boom, or even those offering countless free re-buys or late registrations that will emerge on top, but those who went the extra mile in an effort to be all about the player by playing the long game.

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