Dara O’Kearney The King Of Poker Content

By Ben Hamill - March 08 2021

Dara O’Kearney The King Of Poker Content

It’s no secret that the holy grail for professional Poker players is being selected to become sponsored ambassadors for renowned Poker sites. More than a means to making a living and being recognised for one’s skills and accomplishments, many players regard such a sponsorship and association as a vindication not only of their trade, but also of their role within the industry.

But Poker sites – on the other hand – have appeared to continuously change their take on what exactly it takes to make a good pro and representative ambassador for their brands. For the longest time, the perfect association meant teaming up with a so-called old school pro who had been working the industry since the birth of Poker being broadcast on TV. But that’s all changed.

The person able to not only play, but also entertain the masses with oodles of online Poker content, is now considered the golden goose. And it’s a full-circle evolution emphasised in Dara O’Kearney’s blog about what exactly it takes to remain relevant in the age of social media.

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The O’Kearney Effect

A king of the satellite and a top grinder on the regular tournament schedule, O’Kearney certainly fits the bill of successful player and coach and is regarded a motivating and aspirational figure by many a recreational and professional player alike. He’s written literally hundreds of articles on Poker strategy and has authored two best-selling books based on the game and its many nuances and facets.

But more importantly, especially within the context of the pro hoping to get signed into an ambassador deal by a Poker site, O’Kearney is a prolific creator of content. Poker content. He writes in a recent blog how a content creator reaching massive audiences via digital platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook groups, etc., adds much more value to a brand that a loud-and-proud, and oftentimes outspoken professional grinder and all-round crusher. 

Case In Point: Negreanu

Somebody who knows a great deal about building an audience in exactly the manner described by O’Kearney in his blog, is Irish Twitch online Poker sensation Fintan Hand. Signed by PokerStars in 2017, Hand is a living and breathing example of why success is directly tied to content.

Also worth noting is O’Kearney’s remark of never representing a brand he found he could not fully identify with, or “reprehensible”. And perhaps the best example of this right now is Canadian Poker-pro Daniel Negreanu.

“Kid Poker”, ever since making the switch from PokerStars to GGPoker, has had to defend several “approaches” he – judging by what we know of him – obviously would not have publicly supported had it not been expected of him in return for the massive paycheck he gets to cash each month. Case in point: his unwavering support of GGPoker’s decision to sign Instagram playboy and known misogynist Dan Bilzerian.

While the money might be good, Negreanu will forever more be associated with the values of the brand he happens to represent in return for sponsorship.

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