No More Staples And Gross For PokerStars

By Ben Hamill - February 26 2019

PokerStars has ended its endorsements with Jamie Staples and Jeff Gross

Streaming personalities Jamie Staples and Jeff Gross have made their exits out from under the PokerStars umbrella. Staples and Gross gained fame and momentum when they grew their own personality-brands on the popular streaming website, Twitch. And this was exactly how their journeys with the brand started out.

But, according to PokerStars’ Eric Hollreiser, the brand has reached a decision that it was time to move on. Despite Hollreiser’s re-assurance that they were still 100% committed to Twitch, he also pointed out that in order for the streaming service to really benefit the Poker giant, it had to be operating on a much larger scale, and Staples and Gross had to have had a much more celebrity-style status in order to drive the kind of figures that the operator was looking for.

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Hollreiser: It Was An Experiment

Hollreiser went on to refer to Twitch as having been an experiment on the part of the PokerStars brand, and said that people would do well to try and keep this in mind. It was never meant to be a permanent endeavor. He did however say that the streamers added a great element of play to Twitch, and in turn brought something to the table in favor of the brand, but all in all, it wasn’t nearly enough in order to justify the brand’s intense involvement.

Not The End By Far

According to Gross, his time as brand ambassador had made for a tremendously enjoyable experience. Gross, who has been active on the streaming scene since 2016, was first signed by PokerStars in 2017. Gross has a total of roughly 55,000 followers on the live streaming platform, and is very popular among his peers as well as in the streaming community.

My time as brand ambassador has made for a tremendously enjoyable experience

At the time of his having announced that the end of the road as a brand ambassador had come, he said that the reason was that he had failed to reach a suitable agreement with the operator.

Gross singled out many individuals, and thanked them for basically having put him on the public map. He said that the PokerStars deal had been his very first major signing, and that for this reason; it would always remain a very fond memory.

But, says Gross, it’s not the end of the road for Jeff Gross Poker, or for live streaming on Twitch. It’s true; you just can’t keep a good (Poker) man down.

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