WSOP Announces 2020 Value Menu Schedule

By Ben Hamill - January 25 2020

WSOP Announces 2020 Value Menu Schedule

The World Series of Poker has been working relentlessly and tirelessly at trying to make larger events more accessible and more affordable for players who don’t necessarily play Poker for a living. The recent announcement regarding the schedule for the upcoming 2020 WSOP tournament festival further confirms this as some 25 tournaments featuring as part of this year’s WSOP schedule offer buy-ins of $1,000 or lower.

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For this reason, the recently revealed 2020 schedule has been cleverly nick-named the “value” menu, with “value” referring specifically to the more affordable buy-ins available on this year’s leading Poker menu.

Lower Buy-ins Benefit New Players

WSOP Vice President Jack Effel has said that the lower buy-ins have been made available for the simple reason that “everyone loves good value”. Effel also referred yet again to the fact that the WSOP is interested in attracting the patronage and business of new players and that to this end, the series will continue with its ongoing efforts of enhancing “its offering to meet the demand at these meaningful price points”.

Exciting formats and larger-than-usual price points feature high on the list of priorities of the WSOP too as it enters a new more accessible age of competitive Poker, explained Effel. The size of prize pools are without exception a main draw-card, and especially when it comes to attracting new and emerging players to the game.

May 27 will be the first date for 2020 on which one of these “value menu events” will take place. It will also be the very first open-field event of the year and will come at a buy-in price tag of $1,000. The event will follow a no-limit format and is expected to attract a record number of players to the playing field.

Freeze-Out Here To Stay

In addition to no-limit, the May 27 event will furthermore be subject to the rules of a freeze-out event. What this means is that only one entry per person will be allowed. World Series of Poker President of Corporate Communications, Seth Palansky, explained that the event following the freeze-out format was motivated by a “concerted effort” on the part of the WSOP to not only make room for newcomers, but also to eradicate major frustrations experienced by top pro-players like Daniel “Kid Poker” Negreanu because of past near-unlimited re-entry policies.

All 25 of the value-menu events will follow either a full freeze-out format or a single re-entry per flight style of play. The WSOP has confirmed that the online “gold bracelet” schedule will be announced soon.

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