WSOPC Announces The New Stops-Schedule

By Ben Hamill - May 08 2019

Poker News WSOPC Schedule Just Out

Behold the 2019/2020 schedule for the US World Series of Poker Circuit. Behold it and weep, especially if you’ve never had the pleasure of upping the blind ante yourself. Once you’re done weeping for time lost and never to be retrieved again, start dreaming about a 50% increase in payouts, the planned roll-out of a Big Blind Ante at all future stops and lots and lots of money. Dream about money, because that’s where WSOPC Poker is at.

The World Series Of Poker Circuit has done what few anticipated it would do; at least not to the extent that it has. Consider the statistics: 15 years of landslide successes, 140 505 entrants in total, $69 066.332 in prize money, right down to the last beautiful cent and decimal. And there’s no stopping the circuit yet, because it’s just released the official schedule for 2019/2020 and you’d have to not care two ticks and a hoot about playing cards to not be just a little bit excited about the things to come.

The organising powers that be have just announced the details of what may come, and excitement just doesn’t cut what fans of the game must be feeling right about now.

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Money Maker Main Events

But from whence the purse to fund all of the proposed changes and increased payouts? Enter the circuit’s legendary $1,700 main events. Money makers are what they are, and let no man (or wo-man) contest the fact. These have been generating 6-figure sums for quite some time now, and are behaving much as would a super-infused electron magnet on a paper clip. A quiver and flush doesn’t do much by way of a spot-on analogy.

But Poker-innuendo and half-baked analogies aside, a little bit of advice to anyone who has ever dreamed of winning a gold bracelet: there is no time like the present to play a hand of cards.

The New US Top 35

Money aside and onwards to the recently released schedule, it’s going to be a Poker-playing, bracelet-earning, moneymaking fest. The 35 US stops will commence on July 17th; and yes, that would be exactly 24 hours after the current tour draws to a close; and the final stop will take place on May the 9th, 2020. Let’s not all rush out at once to get our hands on “I was wrecked at Harrah’s in New Orleans, 2020” t-shirts.

But money and bragging rights aside, there are quite a few new stops to look forward to too. Harrah’s Las Vegas, Florida’s first ever tour stop at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa and Louisiana’s Horseshoe Bossier City are three top new stops to look out for.

And then of course, the tour will be making its return to the old favourites too. The message is clear: be there or be square!

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