WSOP Launches New High-Stakes Poker App

By Ben Hamill - October 10 2019

World Series Poker Logo

The World Series Of Poker is going on all in on the big money on its official app. And that’s not overstating the entire business in the least, unless one considers buy-ins to the tune of $15 million and $40 million to be conservatively priced. The new high-stakes tournament option will however not require players to physically part with more millions than what they dare to count, but players will have to however have a sufficient amount of chips in their cup in order to buy in on the big-stakes events.

The winnings will be paid out in coins too and players will be able to acquire up to $630 million coins for as little as $100 in cash. $630 million will provide more than just a couple of buy-ins to the high- stakes tournaments on offer.

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A Real Ring In The Mix

In addition to the coins up for grabs, there will also be a WSOP ring on offer. In order to qualify for the ring, players will have had to win the Classic Tournament a total of 15 times. A fiver on the Express train earns the same reward.

The ring is a great deal more valuable to players than tournament Poker coins and is without a doubt the piece de resistance connected to the whole shebang. But even though players will not be in a position to cash out any real money, being able to participate in various high-stakes tournaments will offer to participants the opportunity to hone their skills against some of the world’s best Poker players. This is essentially what the new offering on the WSOP’s app is all about.

Easy To Join In

The WSOP has made it really simple and easy to sign up. Players may opt in in any variety of ways, including creating a player account via Facebook, Google or email. Best of all is that once signed up, players will have instant access to a guide that includes an explanation of the commands utilised by the app as well as a selection of other pointers and info.

The process is quick and easy and players won’t have to provide much more than basic identity and age information. Once this has been completed its simply a matter of choosing one’s tournament (classic or express), parting with a measly amount of cash and receiving the in-game currency with which to play.

The app is a great way to practice and polish one’s skills. Playing online is no different to playing live Poker. This is a great way to become familiar with high-stakes play and especially so to anyone who would ultimately like to attend one of the WSOP’s annual live Poker events.

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