GGPoker And FLIP Join Forces For Women’s Day

By Ben Hamill - March 03 2022

GGPoker And FLIP Join Forces For Women’s DayWith International Women’s Day coming up, it seems as if GGPoker and Fantastic Ladies In Poker (FLIP) saw the opportunity to host a spectacular promotional event. The organisations came together to create the International Women’s Day Freeroll, an event that will be running from the 1st of Match to the 8th. For each of the days a freeroll event will be held, with a prize poll of $1,500 up for grabs. From the events a handful of 10 tickets will be awarded for the GGMasters Overlay Edition. As most already know, the winner of this event can get their hands on a stunning $5 million.

Each of the International Women’s Day Freerolls kicks off at 8 p.m., grants players a stack of 10,000 chips, and is based around an exciting rule. Namely that the blinds raise every 5 minutes. At the peak of the action the big blinds settle at being 200 chips. It’s an exciting idea, and sure to produce plenty of fun Poker action.

Big Poker Extravaganza

On March 8th the promotional series comes to a head. Aptly referred to as the International Women’s Day Celebration, the final game has a prize pool of an enticing $50,000, with the winners of the previous matches going head to head. Depending on how they performed, each lady will be given a bounty, blue, purple, or yellow. Eliminating a marked competitor will grant a $150 ticket to the GGMasters Overlay Edition.

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No doubt, some of the best Poker players in the world will be stepping up to compete, creating an atmosphere of pure card playing professionalism. Who comes out on top remains to be seen, but expectations are high that some top-level players will be present.

Only Members Are Allowed

Though, the exciting event isn’t open to just anyone. Only those that are active members of the FLIP community may participate. In fact, entrance is only granted to those that have a password, and to receive a password a player must be a member of FLIP.

The good news is that the FLIP community is about far more than just receiving freebies. Like minded professional players use the community as a place to meet, chat, share tips, and get to know one another. Although the initial draw card may be a password, there is plenty more to enjoy by becoming an active member.

FLIP can be located on both Twitter and Facebook.