Why Triton’s New Format Proved A Charm

By Ben Hamill - August 15 2019

Why Triton’s New Format Proved A Charm

This year’s Triton Poker High Roller event was a stellar success and many are now of the opinion that this is true as a result of various changes having been made to the registration as well as to the actual competition process and format.

The previous format of invite-meets-lottery-style-selections proved to be a major annoyance to especially professional players. This had the effect of a major decline in participation and support over the course of the past number of years. Something had to be done to save the wealthiest Poker game on earth especially since the proceeds literally changes lives.

Another point of contention used to be the fact that recreational players were pitted against professional players. The qualifying criteria was never very clear, but the general approach was one of inviting whoever could afford the buy-in and allowing the chips to fall where they well pleased with regards to the rest.

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The Means Clouded The Result

This was all good and well as all is regarded to be fair play when it comes to raising money for charity. But at the end of the day, the frustration on the part of a pro-player as a result of having to shoot the cards against a recreational player whose only claim to Poker-fame was the fact that the big-money buy-in wasn’t an issue, proved perfectly understandable.

And so, in order to preserve a measure of playability and in the hopes of ensuring that the numbers actually turned out at this year’s event, it was decided that the pros and the recs would only be permitted to meet at the tables following the conclusion of the 6th round of play. Anyone still in the game at that particular point certainly knows how to play with the big guns, or at least to a certain extent.

Regarding The Line-Up

As for the pick-from-the-mix style line-up process, a new approach was adopted and one that proved much more popular than the previous format. This year, the recs were permitted to nominate a pro-proxy instead of the event organisers merely playing pin-the-donkey.

Aside from the fact that it upped the ante in terms of quality of play, this approach brought about a great deal of transparency as to why anyone in attendance had actually been allowed to buy in.

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