PokerStars To Debut $50M Stadium Series

By Ben Hamill - June 25 2020

PokerStars To Debut $50M Stadium Series

Let it not be said that Canadian Poker giant The Stars Group and its legendary PokerStars brand isn’t making the most of a royal iGaming resurgence. PokerStars has announced an exciting new online tournament series about to make its premier debut on July 5th. PokerStars’ new Stadium Series get underway on July 5 and will run all the way through August 2nd. And with at least 102 tournaments played and a crazy $50 million in guaranteed prize money up for grabs, the operator’s latest series is perfectly primed for terrific success.

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Not unlike many other PokerStars tournament festivals’ formats, the new Stadium Series will feature a total of 3 buy-ins for each of the 102 events. This figure is made up of 34 events played in each of the three tournaments. A major perk of multiple buy-in opportunities is that it makes a tournament or series a great deal more accessible to most players as this type of format removes the need for a large and fat bankroll.

PokerStars has been increasingly more focused on creating a space in which everyone is accommodated, and the upcoming Stadium Series is more proof of that.

Low, Medium & High Grand Final

The event will lead up to a final $5,200 buy-in Grand Final Main Event – with a guaranteed prize pool totalling a fantastic $5 million. But this is only the highest of the buy-ins to the Grand Final Main Event. There’s also a low buy-in option of $55 running alongside a guaranteed prize pool of $1 million in fantastic prize money, and a medium buy-in event with a entry-fee prize tag totalling $530 for those wanting in on the $2 million prize money guarantee.

But the multiple buy-ins aside, the series format is overall structured slightly differently compared to the leading Poker brand’s other tournament series. Instead of running in continuous fashion over 4 weeks, the Stadium Series will be split into individual weeks – i.e. a week-by-week format of play. Even so, low, medium, and high buy-ins will remain consistent over the course of a typical week but will increase alongside the arrival of each new successive week of tournament play.

Many Ways To Spin A Chip

What’s more, since its often-tricky business trying to remain on top all throughout along with making a constant and massive run in the Weekly Finals, PokerStars has this time round elected to go all out on creating several alternative avenues to qualify for the ultimate Grand Final.

These are to include Fast Track play, Spin & Go’s, and leaderboard-style “Stadium Series Trials”. All players finishing up among the leaderboard’s top 25 points-scorers will automatically qualify for a Grand Final ticket equal to a $5,200 buy-in. 

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