PokerStars Announces Upgraded Home Games

By Ben Hamill - June 24 2020

PokerStars Announces Upgraded Home Games

Leading online gaming giant PokerStars, obviously eager to keep the online and mobile Poker momentum going, has just made several changes and upgrades to its Home Games offering. Not only has the operator upgraded Home Games so as to include mobile capability, but it’s also added more game variants to the overall menu. The operator has since having completed the mentioned upgrades, revealed that customer feedback and suggestions were what had originally sparked the decision to go ahead with certain changes and improvements.

This is of course 100% true, as players have been requesting PokerStars to allow Home Games to be played via mobile devices for quite some time now. The operator has confirmed that Android players will discover that they already have a mobile option immediately available to them. Apple’s iOS users are expected to gain access to mobile Home Games over the course of the next couple of weeks.

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Playing With Friends & Family

The additional variants rolled out as part of the overall upgrade all focus on enabling players to create more opportunities to play along with friends – which brings a ramped-up social element to the overall offering. In addition to having removed some of the less popular Home Games options, the operator has reportedly added a variety of new options. These include Fusion, 6 Card Omaha, Showtime Hold’em and more.

Players are now able to access the improved Home Games options from under the cash games tab in Home Games or from within the actual tournament section itself. Family and friends can be invited to games by generating a system code and then providing that code to the intended invitees.

Tournaments Upgraded Too

But the actual games options aren’t the only upgrades to have been made. The overall user-friendliness rating has apparently also been improved. This particular portion of the upgrade includes how the organising of tournaments are to take place from now on out. Users can now choose from options in terms of the time frames applicable to tournaments. These include Hyper as well as Slow formats of play. Hyper options offer levels spanning three minutes of play, while Slow options offer 15 minutes’ of play per each individual level.

It’s been a busy and certainly also exciting time for PokerStars. The operator recently launched Playtech’s proprietary Spin & Win game as part of its live Roulette casino games offering. The latest inclusion serves to further strengthen the ongoing partnership between the two iGaming giants.

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