PokerStars Unveils New DoJo Training App

By Ben Hamill - May 28 2020

PokerStars Unveils New DoJo Training App

Trust PokerStars to save the boring day. The leading Poker room operator has now launched a rather superb new (and free!) training app intended to help players master specifically the basics of the game. Poker DoJo is available to all U.K. and U.S. residents logging in on home territory and is available from the Apple App Store as well as on Android-focused Google Play.

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The app is basically made up of 3 games: Strongest Hand, Grid Poker, and All-in or Fold. Each of the 3 games teaches beginners some particularly important skills and principles – skills that every player worth his or her salt should be expertly comfortable applying, but with a definite focus on the beginner just starting out.

Everyone Can Benefit

With the big about beginners being the focus market being said, the app certainly carries a lot of weight in terms of revisionary and replay value for even the most experienced of players. The app makes use of a standard and certainly common mobile game mechanic of leveling – meaning that players earn points and are then able to proceed to the ‘next’ game; aka levelling up.

By the same logic, once levelled up, players will find that reaching certain ‘higher’ levels will unlock unique challenges for each type of game or discipline. A handy feature too is that the app allows players to keep score of their achievements by allowing them to view their score charts and play history, along with leaderboards (obviously), for up to the past month. Daily, weekly and monthly stats are therefore available for view and review. This makes it easy to track and even analyse progress – or, of course, indicate areas deserving of extra effort and attention with improvement as the goal.  

An Example: Grid Poker

Grid Poker, for example, which is the first of the 3 games presented to the beginner, closely resembles a typical ‘word-search’ game, but with the intent of teaching new players the art of building hands. The app presents this learning method to the player by way of a field of playing cards presented in a 5x5 grid. The goal is then to ‘trace’ a line connecting five cards that will make up a Poker hand – and the better the hand, the more points scored.

And so, each of the 3 games follow a different and goal-focused mode and style of play. DoJo simply has to be just about the best thing to have come of all this extra free time!

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