Jeremy Ausmus Crowned Overall PokerGO Champ

By Ben Hamill - February 18 2022

Jeremy Ausmus Crowned Overall PokerGO ChampThe PokerGO Tournament has been wrapped up, but not without a few unexpected twists and turns along the way. The final table saw Brock Wilson duke it out with Sean Perry, and fittingly the finale was a nail biter. Perry went in with a significant advantage, but this being Poker it didn’t mean that he was destined to win. He did, though only because a desperate pair of Jacks managed to hold up against a final assault.

The man declared the champ, Jeremy Ausmus, didn’t actually take part in the final showdown. He had been technically eliminated against Perry earlier, putting up a pair of Aces in a risky gamble. The gamble clearly didn’t pay off, but the pro player still managed to scoop it based on overall performance.

Winner Declared By Points

The final score saw the champion backed by 658 points, with the tally made up of two 3rd place wins, a 2nd place win, and a 1st place. It was enough to silence Wilson, despite him making it to the final showdown. His score was made up of just a pair of 2nd places.

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What does the champion walk away with? A whole heap of cash, as would be expected. His share of the pot came in at $824,500, with the added champion’s bonus of $50,000. Just shy of a million, but still nothing to be sneezed at.

But even with nearly a million in his pocket, Ausmus remained humble. In the post-match interview, he emphasised that it really did come right down to the wire. He pointed out that anyone at the table could easily have walked away a winner, saying that it was a matter of luck that saw him get crowned. He added excitedly that the extra $50,000 he received is a really cool bonus.

Career Biggest For Perry

Sean Perry may not have scooped it this time, but his performance has been nothing short of explosive. The Poker world watched as he made his first tentative appearance a few years ago, only to then witness him go flying up the ranks. He is, if nothing else, a true rising star.

He even claimed his biggest win this year, which probably stands as a sign that his impressive progress isn’t going to be slowing down. At the $50,000 No-Limit Hold’em he bagged 2nd pace, which equates to a cash payout of $64,000.

No doubt all eyes will be on him going into the PokerGO Tour.