partypoker Announces Cash Game Leaderboards

By Ben Hamill - February 17 2020

partypoker Announces Cash Game Leaderboards

Cash game leaderboards are all the rage right now. And if Poker is your thing then the good news is that online Poker operator partypoker a couple of days ago announced that cash game leaderboards will soon be implemented as a means by which to reward players for ongoing play and loyalty to the partypoker brand.

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What really sweetens the deal even more is that seeing one’s name on a cash game leaderboard is a treat generally reserved for those acing special promotions or making it real big during tournaments. What partypoker is proposing is unique in the sense that online players will now be in a position to track progress, document victories and earn a great deal of top awards in the process.

Omaha And Hold’em

The cash game leaderboards will total two in number – one for Hold’em and the other for Omaha. The Hold’em banner will include Short Deck Hold’em cash games, No-Limit Hold’em games and also fastforward-style games. Omaha on the other hand, will include Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo, fastfoward and standard Pot-Limit Omaha.

The leaderboards will run on a weekly schedule and will commence at midnight on Mondays. Weekly schedules will continue all the way through Sunday and until 11:59 pm. After each weekly leaderboard draws to a close, players will be rewarded accordingly and within 24 hours of the leaderboard having ended.

As far as leaderboard allocation goes, players will receive a single leaderboard for every cashback point earned when playing with real money. It’s important to note that heads-up games won’t qualify for contributing toward leaderboards. As far as cashback points are concerned, one point will be allocated for every dollar generated in the rake.

Everyone’s Invited To Play

Good news too is that in order keep things completely fair, cash game leaderboards will be divided into four separate buy-in tiers. These will be: Micro, Low, Medium and High. The idea is to prevent high-stakes players from enjoying a constant advantage over the rest of the pack. The idea is to include everyone, whatever their spend capacity.

The rewards will ultimately depend on the type of leaderboard. Cash prizes will supposedly range from $5 to $200 on micro leaderboards, $25 to $750 on low boards, $50 to $1000 on medium-tier leaderboards and $250 to $2000 when playing at the highest of the four tiers. The prize breakdown will apply to both Omaha as well as Hold’em games.

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