Microgaming Teases Exciting New Poker Suite

By Ben Hamill - November 01 2020

Microgaming Teases Exciting New Poker Suite

Big news making Poker headlines this week is that online casino games titan Microgaming has announced the upcoming launch of an all-new offering. The news comes only months after the industry-leading developer/supplier closed down its Microgaming Poker Network (MPN) – a platform and product offering that served the online Poker community for more than 16 successful years.

First up for release will be Hold’em Poker - soon after to be followed by several more online Poker titles, Microgaming revealed on Wednesday. Follow-up titles like Lucky Showdown will be released over the coming months, with several more set to go live as part of the exclusive new full suite of Poker games developed by Microgaming.

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Online Casino Meets Poker

The latest new Poker offering marks the beginning of an all-new direction focused 100% on strategy.  Scheduled to go live for an exclusive initial pre-release period spanning a little over a week starting December 1st, Hold’em Poker will on December 9 officially launch globally across the Microgaming network of online casino operators.

The idea behind Hold’em Poker is to offer to online Poker players a realistic, exclusive, and fresh new online casino experience. Hold’em Poker – which Microgaming describes as a sophisticated version of classic Texas Hold’em Poker – will aim to create an immersive Poker experience by inviting players to join in the fun in a “realistic Poker room” type of environment. Here, says Microgaming, players will get to enjoy an exclusive online casino experience by engaging with a game about to offer a fresh new take on an epic and certainly iconic Poker classic.

About New Hold’em Poker

Microgaming’s upcoming new Hold’em Poker game will be presented in a Sit & Go tournament-style format offering a buy-in of €5.

A fast-paced version of the original Texas Hold’em Poker variant, Microgaming’s rendition of the famous classic has been optimised for the exciting world of mobile gaming. Special additions to the classic setup will include 100% mobile optimisation, a random prize pool wheel mechanic, and a stunning progressive jackpot offering players the opportunity to spin-and-play their way to a phenomenal €25,000 in jackpot prize money.

Microgaming CEO John Coleman says Hold’em Poker is about to add an entirely different and all-new dimension to the award-winning online gaming studio’s existing iGaming vertical. This, said Coleman in a breaking-news statement recently released by the industry giant, will be achieved by the introduction of a superb new race of Poker games designed in such a way so as to appeal to both Poker and online casino players alike.

December 9 – a date not to be missed for anything.

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