Missing Poker Man Possibly Killed By Backer

By Ben Hamill - October 11 2020

Missing Poker Man Possibly Killed By Backer

Jon Jonsson, the Icelandic Poker player last seen alive leaving a hotel in Dublin, Ireland, on February 9 last year, may have been killed by a backer. According to an unnamed detainee currently serving time in a local prison in Iceland, Jonsson’s death had resulted from an argument over money lost. The prisoner also alleges that though the result of an angry altercation, Jonsson’s death had been accidental.

The source also said that the Poker-player-gone-missing was according to his knowledge not involved in any activities of a criminal nature. After having been entrusted with his backer’s – or alleged killer’s – cash, which was to be distributed among a number of others set to play in various tournaments, Jonsson accidentally blew it all. The money entrusted to Jonsson had allegedly come to more than US$4,690 and had been earmarked to be used as buy-ins for Poker tournaments played at the 2019 Dublin Poker Festival.

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Missing Without A Trace

Upon Jonsson’s leaving Dublin’s Bonnington Hotel at around 11 a.m. on the day of his appearance, he was movement was reportedly captured by the hotel’s CCTV security camera and he could be seen heading out along Swords Road. This was the last time anyone saw Jon Jonsson alive.

His relatives eventually realised that they would not be able to locate Jonsson without help and proceeded to enlist the services of a private detective to help establish his whereabouts. For Jonsson, a 41-year-old father of four, disappearing into thin air without informing anyone of his whereabouts, was completely out of character, said his family. 

Jonsson’s Final Movements

On the day of his initial arrival in the Irish capital, Jonsson was allegedly on his own. His fiancée, Jana Gudjonsdottir, upon arriving a day later, had reportedly discovered Jonsson sleeping in his hotel room. The pair then proceeded to argue about something (it isn’t certain exactly what had prompted the argument), which caused Gudjonsdottir to leave the room and head to the coffee bar. Upon her return, Jonsson had been nowhere to be seen – with only his cellphone and passport left behind in the hotel room where he had been sleeping. The couple had planned to spend at least ten days in Dublin.

According to the detained informant, Jonsson had left the hotel room in order to meet up with the man whose money he had lost by having gotten involved in cash game gone awry the night before.

Jonsson had allegedly quite unintentionally spent all his backer’s money and had at one stage in the evening even tried to leave when he started losing. He was according to an eyewitness however strongarmed into staying and playing some more by the rest of the group – all of whom were later described as players visiting from other countries intending to participate in the Poker festival, i.e. foreign nationals.

Irish National Police are investigation Jonsson’s disappearance and have been informed of the latest new revelations. Police in Iceland are also involved and collaborating with the local force.

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