Poker Pro Launches Covid-19 Support Group

By Ben Hamill - March 26 2020

Poker Pro Launches Covid-19 Support Group

That the Coronavirus pandemic is testing the casino industry to its absolute limits is no secret. Casinos all over Canada and the US have closed up shop amid the global pandemic. All manners of Poker tournaments have been cancelled and card rooms have ceased all operations until further notice. Online Poker may be living a resurgence, but the live industry is practically gasping for air trying to stay afloat.

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People in a variety of support jobs are no longer sure of whether or not they will be able to provide for their families in the coming months as many have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic. But as has so often been the case in history, the worst of times also serve to accentuate the absolute best in many people. And such is exactly the case right now, with many stepping up to the plate and helping wherever possible.

One such person is Poker-pro and Borgata Poker brand ambassador Katie Stone, who has just launched a Discord channel called “Poker Peeps Affected by COVID-19”. The channel was created and launched by Stone in an attempt to try and help those affected by the temporary live hiatus.

Action Is Better Than Words

Stone tells the story of having experienced a sensation not unlike that of sitting down in the front row of a movie theatre and looking on helplessly as everybody else’s life spirals into complete disarray. Her status as online Poker player provides for Stone remaining mostly at home as a rule in anyway but even so, she says that the decision to remain “inside” was pretty much a given right from the start.

Stone says that she suddenly realised how very challenging it was going to be simply to keep up, what with everything changing at such an incredibly rapid pace because of the unprecedented nature of the global pandemic that humanity is now being made to face.

People Want To Help

The next logical step to Stone’s mind was to get in touch with Cy Watson, who is a close friend as well as someone very active on social media regarding all things relating to the spread of the coronavirus.

Watson gave the “yes” nod to a platform where those working in the Poker industry who are affected in whatever way by the spread of the virus are able to connect with one another and ask and provide help where possible. The platform is currently 120 members strong and according to Stone, continues to grow in number each day.

The fact that everyone wants to help each other has made it all worth the effort for Stone.