888poker To Host 11 Days Of XL Inferno

By Ben Hamill - April 27 2020

888poker To Host 11 Days Of XL Inferno

2020 certainly is shaping up to be quite the year for online Poker. Since the majority of us are currently under unofficial house arrest, most major sports events and competition events have been either postponed or outright cancelled. Poker has sadly not been spared, but at least the operators in the industry have not simply let bygones be bygones and have instead come to the virtual party in a huge and impressive way.

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And one of the best of these is without a doubt the 888poker team. In fact, creative isn’t even the word when looking at the style and scope of the online festival scheduled by the on-the-ball operator for the month of May.

It’s called the 888poker XL Inferno and its simply off the charts.

More $$$ For Your Buck

The super-duper XL Inferno tournament is accompanied by more than $1.5 million in guaranteed prize payouts. And the Main Event – and this is the best part – is a $500,000 Main Event and is absolutely free of charge to join via satellite whenever a new 888poker account is created. What an opportunity for first-time online players! Talk about money being thrown about left, right and centre.

The event will span 11 exciting days, with at least $45,000 in prize money guaranteed for every single day. The schedule itself will consist of 34 top events that will ultimately lead up to a total of 3 Main Events that will be played on Sunday, 24 May. The main events will be as follow: a $5.50 Micro Main Event featuring a $20,000 guarantee, a $33 Mini Main Event featuring a $50,000 guarantee and (this is the big one!), a $250 Main Event featuring an incredible $500,000 in guaranteed prize money.

How About A Free Entry?

What’s more, 888poker will be giving away free daily XL Inferno qualifiers. Entry is automatically gained by any player making any size of deposit to the online client platform for the duration of the exciting event. Now that’s a money-making bargain if ever there was such a thing.

And to those who do not yet have an account with 888poker, the operator’s message rings loud and clear: it simply cannot be any easier to sign up that what it is. And how about an $88 bonus for your effort? Not convincing enough? Then best be sure to remember that there’s a 100% new player bonus somewhere in there too.

And a whole lot of damn good online Poker too.

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