Negreanu’s New Record Not What He Hoped For

By Ben Hamill - July 19 2019

Negreanu’s New Record Not What He Hoped For

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Such is the story that seems to have attached itself; and rather unwantedly so; to Poker-pro Daniel Negreanu. Thanks to Keith Tilston’s Event #83 $100,000 High Roller victory, Negreanu is now a brand new record holder; just not the kind that one goes around bragging about to anyone. Negreanu now has a total of 10 heads-up losses in the bag. That’s 10 opportunities missed to bag a WSOP gold bracelet.

It sounds a whole lot like a script for a tragi-comedy, something that cannot be concocted outside of a made-up script. But the nightmare is real for Daniel Negreanu, who is now a record holder of the darker variety. Worst of all is that out of the total tally of 10 near-misses, Negreanu will be remembered as the man who “nearly won twice” in a special WSOP tournament celebrating 50 years in Poker business.

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Didn’t Start Out This Way

That’s not to say that things didn’t look promising when Negreanu first entered the 50th Anniversary World Series of Poker tournament. It just turned out to be double double of another sort for the player; not exactly the kind that anyone lies awake day-dreaming about.

Event #83 didn’t exactly start out a shamble for Negreanu. In fact, it appeared at one stage that he was well on his way towards laying claim to the magic thanks to his Kings ousting rival Dominic Nitsche’s Jacks. Nitsche was eventually eliminated and finished up in overall 6th place. The 888 ambassador eventually walked into a situation of something very similar to sudden death thanks to his having been dealt the cards of fate on the big blind called by Igor Kurganov.

Down To The Final Two

The main table rivals were eliminated in true double blind style and eventually it was Negreanu vs Tilston in the heads up. The Canadian walked got right to it and confidently so with a nearly $4 million chip lead. Negreanu eventually stretched the divide all the way to a $20 million lead. The streak didn’t last though and thanks to a king-queen that beat Negreanu’s own ace-deuce to the post.

It was the beginning of the end for Negreanu and a jack on the river made for the bell to toll for the Canadian pro. He did at least manage to walk away with $1,725,838, but its still no match to Tilson’s $2,792,406.

Not to mention a WSOP gold bracelet.

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