Negreanu Plays Catch-Up In Polk Poker Match

By Ben Hamill - January 14 2021

Negreanu Plays Catch-Up In Polk Poker Match

Canadian Poker master and GGPoker ambassador Daniel Negreanu on Monday squashed his losses to under $500k for the first time since day number 12 of his high-stakes Grudge Match against archrival Doug Polk. The 26th session of their $200/$400 HUNL bout also happened to be the fifth straight win for the Canadian, leaving Polk a whole lot less vocal about his enthusiasm about opening his truck door and filling it up with Negreanu’s money. 

The session at the beginning of the week saw the pair officially pass the 15,000-hand mark, meaning they’re now more than halfway through the 25k hand hammering. But even though the popular vote is still very much in Polk’s favour, the odds have definitely started to shift. 

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Muting The Mouth

Not only has Polk turned the volume down on the money-grabbing threats, but he’s even gone as far as giving Negreanu credit for his strong comeback. But whether or not the Canadian is about to make good on the unwavering support he clearly enjoys from the likes of Bill Perkins, Phil Hellmuth, and Mike Matusow, remains to be seen. 

The other question is obviously whether Polk actually means to give credit where it is due, or if his sudden willingness to butter up Negreanu is just another sneaky ruse to sway the betting markets. Whichever way cookie crumbles, the odds really do speak for themselves as far as tying in accurately with the current state of affairs go. Having been initially pegged at 15/1 to book a win only a few weeks ago, Negreanu has since clawed his way to the 8.50 odds-mark. 

Matusow The Believer

Mike Matusow has since honed in on the kerfuffle, asking his own followers whether they thought Daniel Negreanu could actually win the match – considering of course the Canadian’s five wins a row. 

Matusow’s followers, seemingly unmoved by Negreanu’s roar-back, have however expressed everything but confidence in the likelihood of a Kid Poker win – with 68.9% of voters saying they wouldn’t be willing to put money on anything higher than between a 10% and 25% likelihood of the Canadian making it all the way out the other end in the black. 

So confident is Matusow in Negreanu’s ability to make a full recovery, that he’s now offered to take 7 to 1 for $2,000 should anyone be willing to challenge his die-hard confidence in the Canadian’s Poker prowess. And at half his losses cut with roughly half the number of hands to go, Negreanu may just end up doing that confidence justice yet. 

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