Hellmuth Emerges Victorious From High Stakes Duel

By Ben Hamill - June 26 2021

Hellmuth Emerges Victorious From High Stakes Duel

Phil Hellmuth has once more done what he always seems to do – won a high-stakes game of Poker despite being the underdog. This marks the third time that he has beaten Daniel Negreanu and a sixth consecutive win. With the High Stakes Duel II title tucked firmly under his belt, Hellmuth was able to cash out an impressive $400,000 and prove his doubters wrong for the umpteenth time. This comes after months of antagonising from Negreanu, who has been a very vocal critic of Hellmuth’s Poker skills.

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Poker Is A Muse For Hellmuth

The game has become something of a muse for Hellmuth, who has won 15 World Series of Poker bracelets. The game, he has said, both fuels and nourishes him.

In the final hand of the showdown between Hellmuth and Negreanu, both players turned a gutshot straight, but ultimately, Hellmuth’s was better. As the reigning champion, Hellmuth will likely be wanting to extend his extraordinary winning streak in the PokerGo studio. The next opponent that he will have to measure up against will be chosen within the next few days, and Hellmuth is ready for this new challenge.

29 Wins From His Last 30 Games

Hellmuth’s passion for the game is infectious. His current record of televised Poker matches has resulted in 29 wins out of 30 games. This statistic is perhaps only trumped by Negreanu’s, who has found himself riding out an eight-year losing streak. His loses now amount to 14 in a row, dating back as far as October 2013.

While Negreanu might not have any victories under his belt, he is still something of a Poker legend. After all, Poker is not about winning tournaments but more about winning money. Winning money comes from making final tables – something that Negreanu is no stranger to.

The final between Negreanu and Hellmuth lasted for almost six hours. During this game, the audience witnessed what could only be described as an old-school war of attrition. The two old foes fought valiantly but ultimately; one was able to outwit the other. Both players took unorthodox lines throughout the game and left the audience watching with bated breath. Despite all of Negreanu’s negative speak and taunts, his opponent proved to be a worthy one after all. Ironically, the former said that Hellmuth may have been the greatest of all time at one point, but that that time was now over.

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