Daniel Negreanu To Take On Phil Hellmuth

By Ben Hamill - February 23 2021

Daniel Negreanu To Take On Phil Hellmuth


Those who followed the action between Doug Polk and Canadian Poker champion Daniel Negreanu will be happy to know that the hype has resulted in talk of a similar stand-off between 15-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth, and either Negreanu or Tony G. The seed was planted when Hellmuth took to social media to express his disappointment in the Canadian's performance against Polk – despite Hellmuth by his own prior admission having not watched even a single hour of the many-handed match between the two Poker greats.

Negreanu, in his well-known level way fired back at Hellmuth, accusing him of huffing wind, and suggesting the matter be settled in the only way he knows best – on the felt. To this Tony G, never one to be left out the limelight, responded by tweeting how he's always wanted to go up against and get a piece of Hellmuth. And with that, the matter appeared settled and "ON".

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Hellmuth's Non Strategy

Negreanu shortly after the Twitter fire-off appeared on PokerGO's new show, No Gamble, No Future to confirm that it would in fact be he, and not Tony G, who would be going up against rival Phil Hellmuth.

The Canadian throughout the show referred to Hellmuth as a player who only ever wins because of his opponents making "big mistakes" while succumbing to his exploitive approach, adding that he (Negreanu) would emerge the winner for not making those same typical mistakes.

Hellmuth has on several occasions in the past denied that exploitation had been his own personal strategy, while claiming that it had been he who had invented GTO (Game Theory Optimal).

Poker Hype Not Unlike Wrestling

Negreanu was, of course, spot-on in his assessment of Hellmuth. The latter's greatest skill on the felt is indeed having an almost natural understanding of how people played, the skills they employed, etc., and then exploiting that knowledge for his own personal gain.

Hellmuth's particular brand of approach however only works on those players not quite mature to his exploitive nature and approach, which is the exact opposite of what the Canadian Poker master has been known to do. Since Negreanu follows a much more strategic and balanced approach, Hellmuth may be in for quite the surprise once he takes on the Canadian over a few million hands of High Stakes Duel.

What's become clear from what we've seen leading up to recent Poker stand-offs is that Poker appears to have gone the same route as professional wrestling, with the hype leading up to a war of hands creating that same hype, drama, engagement of the audience and general anticipation.

And needless to say, animosity certainly has been working the ultimate hook in both sports.

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