Negreanu Willing To Bet On 2020

By Ben Hamill - June 17 2020

Negreanu Willing To Bet On 2020

Canadian golden Poker boy Daniel Negreanu is obviously in no mood to have his professional career up-ended even further than what it already has. Last week Friday the star GGPoker ambassador challenged interested parties to a bet based on whether or not he would win a WSOP bracelet this year. Whether online or in person did not make a difference, declared Negreanu. He then proceeded to put to the table the guidelines for his bet: 2.5 to 1 in favour of a win; meaning that should the Canadian Poker-pro fail at securing a 2020 WSOP bracelet, he would have to fork out $20 in order to honour his side of the bet-bargain.

It may seem completely ludicrous to want to bet against a proposition of this nature, but then again, Negreanu hasn’t as much as touched a gold bracelet since 2013. In WSOP championship years, 7 years practically borders on a lifetime.

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Previous WSOP Bracelet Bets

Also, well worth keeping in mind is that this isn’t the first time a WSOP bracelet bet has been propositioned by a big-name player. 2007 saw Eli Elezra successfully bet $100,000 against controversial edge-sorter Phil Ivey securing a WSOP bracelet during that particular year – and at odds of 5-1, it proved quite lucrative too.

Justin Bonomo did more of the same when in 2009 and then again in 2010 he bet in favour of the likelihood of a player – any player – from his region of residence; at the time Panorama Towers; winning WSOP bracelets. Bonomo knew something few others knew: Panorama Towers was at the time of his having made public his bet challenge, home to quite a few big-name professional players. His challenge, though both years successful in his favour, due to the sheer size of the WSOP fields for ’09 and ’10, still proved quite the act of bravery.

What Are The Odds, Really?

As for Daniel “Kid Poker” Negreanu, whether or not he’ll ace his first WSOP gold bracelet in 7 years remains to be seen. Interesting too is that if he should prove successful, a bracelet won this year will represent the end to a 7-year drought along with a 7th WSOP gold bracelet won.

Negreanu initially put up $1 million in securities for his bet. Allowing each willing better to bet up to a max of $100,000, it didn’t at all take long for Kid Poker to completely sell off the entire amount. If he were to lose at his own challenge, he’ll be instantly out of 2% of his total career live tournament money won.

On the other hand, Negreanu this year has a sumptuous total of 85 shots remaining at winning a bracelet – and that’s assuming that no live WSOP tournament takes place in Sin City come the fall. That’s roughly around 84 shots too many.

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