Daniel Negreanu Apologises For Twitch Tirade

By Ben Hamill - August 02 2020

Daniel Negreanu Apologises For Twitch Tirade

Canadian Poker-pro and GGPoker ambassador Daniel Negreanu has issued the type of apology that leaves everyone uncomfortably aware of its non-apologetic nature.

Negreanu three days after he physically threatened a commenter named Tom Estrada during a live WSOP stream for having insulted his wife Amanda, offered a sarcastic apology for his having threatened to shatter Estrada’s teeth and feed them back to him anally, saying that this wasn’t practically possible – not even in the case of a practising dentist.

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His Wife Is His Weakness

The Poker-pro has since admitted that the social media rant that left him facing a permanent Twitch-ban only upset him to the point of firing off raging profanities at his offender because of his offender’s insults having been addressed at his wife. Rude or insulting comments directed at wife Amanda are his rant-inducing Achilles’ heel, admitted Negreanu.

The issue with the Twitch ban is obviously that it seriously limits his viewership. And as the ambassador of an online brand of any sort, this can potentially become a make-or-break type of deal. Now limited to streaming his content to YouTube and Periscope due to the Twitch ban, Negreanu is obviously keen to remedy the situation.

In Twitch Jail

Since the comments directed at Negreanu’s wife were quickly removed from social media, the context of that which had set the Poker-pro off isn’t known. This however did not stop long-time haters Shaun Deeb and Doug Polk from joining the social media backlash against the GGPoker ambassador on Twitter. But chances are Negreanu’s explanation regarding the impractical nature of his physical threat directed at the insulting commenter won’t cut the apology mustard.

The Poker-pro has also since tried to deal with the Twitch ban, saying that he never read the terms of the streaming platform’s service agreement. And even though he says he agrees that there should be some form of punishment involved following his actions, a warning or temporary suspension would have been a punishment befitting the crime – not a permanent life-long ban.

GGPoker Comments On Ban

Whether or not Twitch will be open to discussions about reviewing the permanent nature of the ban remains to be seen. GGPoker has in the meantime issued a statement confirming their intentions of working closely with Daniel in order to solve the (Twitch) issue.

Negreanu is GGPoker’s highest-profile ambassador and has practically been the face of the brand ever since signing with them in November last year.

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