Microgaming Announces MPN Total Shut Down

By Ben Hamill - September 25 2019

Microgaming Announces MPN Total Shut Down

Microgaming’s MPN (Microgaming Poker Network) will soon be a thing of the past. The casino games giant recently caused a real stir when it announced that it has decided to permanently shut down MPN come 2020. Microgaming’s Poker network is this year 16 years in existence and according to the global gaming powerhouse, the decision to terminate wasn’t at all an easy one to make.

No specific date with regards to day-zero has been announced as of yet, but the network will in all likelihood shut down somewhere around Q2 or Q3 of next year. As for the reason for the termination of MPN, Microgaming hasn’t divulged too much more save to say that the decision to pull the plug was prompted by more than one contributing factor. The main culprit appears to be that Microgaming no longer considers the network to be viable or in line with its own vision for the future of online Poker.

The network consists of various evolved member-rooms, with members including well-known operators 32Red, Betsafe and Betsson.  Microgaming has not yet confirmed a specific date for trade shutdown but the developer has said that the expectation is that the network will cease to exist around the second or third quarter of next year. The gaming entertainment giant has however ensured players that all credits will be duly refunded.

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MPN No Longer A “Fit”

MPN enjoys the partnership patronage of various well-known Poker rooms including 32Red, Betsafe and Betsson. Microgaming has issued the assurance that all players who have funds in credit will be in a position to withdraw the funds or to continue to play existing skins connected to any of the third-party partner rooms. The majority of MPN’s partner sites have indicated that they will start looking for alternative service providers soon, so as to try and limit interruptions.

According to Microgaming Poker Network CEO John Coleman, MPN is no longer a suitable fit for the casino giant’s plans for Poker for the future. Coleman said that this alone should clearly indicate to players that online Poker is by no means dead to Microgaming and that the termination of the current network isn’t the end of the supplier’s online Poker story.  Coleman also confirmed that those people currently working for MPN will be re-distributed into other positions in the company’s ranks.

The Industry’s Many Woes

Regulatory uncertainties and global disruptions have been just some of the major headaches faced by the online Poker industry. These and other challenges have caused many operators to throw in the towel on online Poker offerings.

Even so, if any single entity is able to come up with a creative solution to the industry’s regulatory woes, then that entity is without a doubt Microgaming.

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