MPN Says Its Final Goodbye

By Ben Hamill - May 24 2020

MPN Says Its Final Goodbye

One of the oldest online Poker networks has dealt its final spread. The Microgaming Poker Network (MPN) on May 19, after nearly 18 years actively running, flipped the final goodnight switch. Founded in March 2003, the gaming giant’s Poker network is after a long and mostly successful run, gone for good.

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Microgaming around September last year announced its plans to shut down the network, saying at the time that the company’s operational structure had basically grown to be incompatible and irreconcilable (from an operations point of view) with the current network model associated with online Poker. MPN CEO John Coleman at the time of the original shut-down announcement wrote about how the MPN network model was no longer regarded a “fit” to the company’s overall strategic vision for Poker in general.

Hinting At A Return

In addition to having confirmed that key resources and personnel would as far as possible be redistributed across Microgaming’s remaining areas of business, Coleman also said that Microgaming would “eventually” resurrect Poker within its scope of business activities but that a new and probably very different strategic direction would be formulated and followed in terms of the Poker vertical.

This is of course a notion confirmed as recently as Tuesday past, when MPN’s Twitter account made a strong suggestion indicating a possible future return. The final Twitter greeting promised that “we’ll meet again”. Still, a positive farewell compared to that of Alex Scott, the man who started out as the network’s Poker manager back in 2013 and walked away former MPN managing director of Poker on Tuesday. Scott on Tuesday tweeted no more than a simple “Long day”.

Where To From Here?

As to the “what’s next” for MPN’s former member Poker rooms, administrators all had to figure out where to migrate to once the final switch had been flipped on, in some cases, multiple years of membership and association.

When the announcement was originally made in September, a total of 16 skins had been registered on MPN. These included prominent big-industry players the likes of Betsson, 32Red and Betsafe. 32Red surprised, and even shocked, its customers when it last week announced that it would close along with MPN on the network’s day-zero. The skin would not, confirmed 32Red, look to find a new network.

9 of the remaining skins have since moved to Playtech’s iPoker Network. 3 skins had followed a similar course of action to 32Red, leaving only Olybet, which has since moved to GGPoker’s network, and One Time Poker, whose future is apparently as of yet undecided.

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