MPN Welcomes Ascensus LLC To Its Fold

By Ben Hamill - April 18 2019

Ascensus LLC Joins The MPN Family Network

The Microgaming Poker Network (MPN) is quickly carving a name into online gaming history books, and has progressed from a sideline initiative to a mainstream online Poker force that compares with the best of them worldwide. Microgaming is widely considered to be the company responsible for having launched the world’s very first online casino. This was back in the early 90’s when the Internet wasn’t the information super-highway force that it is today. This showed a true visionary outlook on the part of the operator, and today, that vision has literally exploded and come full circle.

The latest news from team MPN is that the network has just welcomed a brand new partner to its ranks, and none other than the London-based Poker room Ascensus Interactive LLC, a relatively new initiative that was fired up in 2018 by a trio of industry veterans.

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Ascensus Is Committed To Player Safety

Ascensus’ flagship brand, namely Players Come First Poker, or PCF for short, is now available on MPN. According to Microgaming’s Managing Director of Poker, Alex Scott, it’s been a truly exciting journey leading up to Ascensus going live on the brand’s Network. Scott said that it was an honour to have been selected by young brand as its partner of choice, and that what had impressed him and the rest of the team the most, was their new partner’s absolute commitment to social responsibility and responsible gambling.

Scott also congratulated Ascensus on its superb collective human talent that draws on years’ worth of Poker experience.

MPN Passionate About The Game

But if truth be told, the party set to benefit most from the agreement is in all likelihood Ascensus LLC. MPN offers an exceptional and easy to use campaign management platform, and being associated with the name of all names in the online gaming industry definitely has its perks. MPN is already an award-winning online network, and boasts numerous accolades. It provides a seamless online Poker experience and treats players to regular stellar online promotions.

The value of MPN isn’t lost on the Ascensus team. This is clear judging by CEO and co-founder Eugene Castro’s opinion on the matter. Castro said that the earmark had always been to join forces with Microgaming and that this has been so since Day 1. Microgaming’s commitment towards true innovation, coupled with a passion for Poker, said Castro, is what drove the final decision home.

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