Moreno Takes Wynn Millions 2021 Title

By Ben Hamill - July 06 2021

Moreno Takes Wynn Millions 2021 Title

The $10,000 buy in for the Wynn Millions Poker tournament puts things into perspective. It is not a game for amateurs, especially not considering the nearly $1.5 million in prize money. But, after 1,328 contestants went head-to-head, the final table featured only 9 of the best. This final table lasted around 11 hours before a winner was finally decided. Andrew Moreno turned out to be the ultimate champion and couldn’t have been more overjoyed.

The lesser-known Moreno took to Twitter to express his gratitude. He explained, in a lengthy Tweet that his ultimate victory could be attributed to a number of factors. The first factor, he elaborated, had simply been setting goals for himself, with the primary goal being to breach the 7-figure win that had long eluded him.

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The Unnamed Coach

Moreno’s Tweet continued that another factor that helped him achieve victory was working with a new coach. The coach remained unnamed, but it is clear that whoever the unnamed person was, they had a big impact. The Tweet concluded with Moreno saying that he was, above all else, grateful to have achieved his goals so soon after setting them.

In a separate statement, the new millionaire laid out plans for his future. He explained that he would continue playing for the foreseeable future and would certainly be taking part in the upcoming World Series Of Poker (WSOP.) He stressed that he would keep playing until the birth of his son. After that, he explained, he would be taking a long break in order to be with his family.

With this latest $1.4 million, this brings the Poker pros lifetime winnings to a new level, all but doubling them in one fell swoop. It is an impressive achievement, and certainly paints him as a player to watch.

An Intriguing Poker History

A closer look at Moreno’s history reveals some interesting details. In May he played in San Diego, but only managed to scoop the 6th place win for $20,281. Soon after he was at the MSPT Venetian, but in that case only managed to come it at 22nd. Still, his take was a not too shabby $18,627.

Though, seeming to be a sign of things to come, just four days later he scooped the top prize at the Venetian DeepStack Championship Poker Series. The prize was an impressive $127,740, not in the same league as his most recent win, but still nothing to be taken lightly.

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