Mobile Poker Moves To Portrait Mode

By Ben Hamill - March 08 2020

Mobile Poker Moves To Portrait Mode

Operators are shaking it up in the spirit of making online Poker more accessible to mobile clients. The fact is: horizontal video has adapted to typical mobile behaviour. And it’s a basic thing of efficient practicality too. Mobile devices are quite simply, used and held vertically as a rule. It’s what feels natural. And so, the fact that a number of prominent online operators; including name-brands like GGPoker & partypoker; have made the switch from horizontal to vertical should really not surprise anyone in tune with current market tendencies.

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Another side-ways move that won’t be too much of a surprise is if others were to follow the vertical trend. Sites like GGPoker and partypoker will after all be eager to offer the best possible experience to players – basically, action right in the palm of one very comfortable hand.

To Flip Or Not To Flip?

Let’s be honest for a minute: we’re a hackneyed and lazy bunch of device-flipping critters. Forget about “flipping it over”. It requires a great deal – of energy? – to continuously be flipping this way, then that. And the statistics say so too. According to a number of surveys, less than 30% of smartphone users will actually turn their phones sideways when required to so. And what’s worse, only 14% of those will finish watching whatever content it is that they’re watching. This according to data compiled by mobile advertising platform Mediabrix.

But what sites like GGPoker and partypoker have done far exceeds removing the need flip the screen. GGPoker, for instance, having recognised that many mobile players crave a quick and on-the-go experience for those intermittent “down times”, i.e. commuting to work by bus or by train. Fast-paced is what players want during trips like these. Enter sit-and-go tournaments like GGPoker’s Jackpot Spin & Gold. It’s all about getting in, playing it fast, and logging out again.  

Leading The Mobile Way

partypoker was one of the first operators to have emphasised the shift from online to mobile and when considering the leaps and bounds they are ahead of the rest of the pack the early start becomes evident. The focus on an improved experience for mobile users – and all players in general – has led to the removal of third-party software (HUDs, etc.), the use of players’ real names during satellite play and qualifiers for and main events, and the addition of run-twice cash games. partypoker has even reduced the time allowed to act before making a move.

Various lay-outs appeal to various players and by offering vertical Poker, operators are trying to make sure that everyone’s comfortable engaging with their brands. Some may be comfortable clutching their phones controller-style, but for the rest of us, vertical is the way we play our best magic hands.

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