Bryn Kenney Strikes Out Ex-Philly Pitcher

By Ben Hamill - February 14 2021

Bryn Kenney Strikes Out Ex-Philly Pitcher

Bryn Kenney is the reason former Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Michael Schwimmer rues the day he decided to agree to be pitched by High Stakes Poker against some of the champions of the felt. Shuffling up alongside a player of Kenney’s calibre has now left many a baseball fan wishing they’d never as much as even tuned in for the embarrassing showdown.

But that Kenney would have walked all over the baseball star shouldn’t have come as any surprise to Schwimmer or his fans back at the MLB. Bryn Kenny is, after all, a live Poker master of note, having aced more live tournaments than anyone else in the entire history of the game. At an impressive $56.4 million in live tournament earnings.

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Not A Bad Start For A Pitcher

Kenney started off by buying in on the Schwimmer action for just a little under $900k. But although he lost a large portion of his buy-in tender early on, he really went on to shine on the flop. Plenty more players than only the MLB star were involved in the ultimate Poker celebrity battle on the felt, which would have been daunting enough of an experience to rattle anybody’s bones.

With John Andress left straddling the loser’s pole at $1,600, it was then up to Tom Dwan and Jean-Robert Bellande to set the pace for things to come. They however elected to call before Schwimmer decided to raise the stakes all the way up to $4,000 with his king-five of clubs. This led to Kenney calling with pocket fours, and all the rest of the party joining him in his decision.

Schwimmer Strikes Out

This marked the perfect breeding ground for the first strike on the flop for Schwimmer as he hit his king. But unfortunately for him, Kenney struck the set hard and fast with the arrival of a four on the K-4-2 community spread.

While this would have been a sterling flop for the former baseball star under regular conditions, his $15,000 placed on the c-bet was instantly raised by Kenney, who wanted in on the raised action at $52,000. This was obviously big enough a bet to warrant a heads-up battle, but unfortunately for Schwimmer, he couldn’t make himself go all to way to fold top pair.

Obviously hesitant to go for the ultimate home run, and after calling Kenney’s bet, which now stood poised at a sky-high $71,000, Schwimmer had unwittingly headed straight for a nightmare river and splitter he very obviously did not see coming.

The final checker-outer would be Kenney’s $165,000 call on a two-pair run belonging to Schwimmer. That was that for Bryn Kenney – and even more so for the MLB pitcher who might want to set his target slightly lower the next time he faces off with a master of the game.

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