Getting To Know partypoker’s Steven DWStevie Kok

By Ben Hamill - May 19 2020

Getting To Know partypoker’s Steven DWStevie Kok

21-year-old Poker streamer Steven ‘DWStevie’ Kok says he’s positively “digging winning” in his capacity of official partypoker Twitch team member. The Netherlands-based streamer was signed by famous online Poker room partypoker towards the beginning of last year. The young streamer impressed the folk at partypoker no end, which eventually led to the extension of his official team-member status by another year.

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As to how it all started, we yet again witness a popular common denominator in the shape of Poker prodigal son Jason Somerville. Having at one point realised that soccer at local club level wasn’t going to shape up into a full-time career, the young Dutchman eventually decided to focus on playing pro-darts instead. One thing led to another and having at that point reached a point of regular trawler of various online message boards, he eventually crossed paths with someone familiar with the online Poker scene. The “guy” in question was apparently quick to inform the now-famous streamer that if Poker was a pastime he wanted to learn more about, the (other) guy to be watching on Twitch was Jason Somerville.

He Was Instantly Hooked

Kok tells of how he quickly became mesmerised by the Poker world and its players and nuances. From Somerville, he ended up graduating to the flavour that is Matt Staples, who just so happens to be a partypoker-signed player now too. Suddenly completely engrossed in the world of online Poker, the young Dutchman soon discovered that going nowhere was where he’d remain stuck at until he reached the legal age of 18 (according to Netherlands gambling laws).

He remained stuck playing FIFA but on the very day he eventually became of legal Poker-playing age, he instantly set up his very own Poker stream. Ultimate Poker fame was never part of the deal, says the young streamer. The idea was always to build an online Poker community of his own. And so ‘DWStevie’ went about the business of creating his own personal brand.

What’s In A Name?

The first hurdle building a personal brand proved to be Steven Kok’s surname. English, Steven realised, did not exactly lend itself to remembering traditional Dutch surnames. And since there are millions of “Stievies” to be found the world over, the young streamer wanted to come up with something a tad more unique.

What had started out as Stevie, soon became SteviePoker, which eventually also got shot down as “not quite enough”. The solution proved straightforward in the end, as solutions tend to go. And the more folks spoke out against ‘Digging Winning Stevie’, the more DWStevie took to his new online alias.

How about that for the old Poker fighting spirit?

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