Mike Matusow Courts Controversy Over Mask Law

By Ben Hamill - June 29 2020

Mike Matusow Courts Controversy Over Mask Law

So peeved off is four-time WSOP bracelet winner Mike Matusow with Caesars Entertainment’s decision to change its policy from only employees being subject to the mandatory wearing of masks to masks being now compulsory across the board, that he’s taken to comparing mask-related Nevada rules to the act of aborting a child.

Not that Matusow’s want of a no-filter shooting of opinions from the hip should come as a surprise to anyone. He’s doing nothing more than to fully live up to his ‘The Mouth’ nickname. But to compare the mandatory wearing of protective masks to abortion is obviously shameful territory to be treading on, and a statement that has even caused some to draw into question the Poker-pro’s mental state of well-being.   

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Matusow The Conspirer

Matusow on Thursday (June 25) took to Twitter to vent his enraged dissatisfaction at the mandatory wearing of masks at Nevada casinos. His initial post wants to know from Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak why the slogan “my body, my choice” applies to a woman’s right to get an abortion, but not to an individual’s right to choose whether or not to wear a mask.

He then goes all himbo by calling Sisolak and Nevada casinos out for being radical left-wing hypocrites and communists, and in a third post, sticks it to the “sheep” for wanting to follow the same exact rule supposedly 3 months ago declared “bad” by the CDC.

Then, in two more posts, the Poker-pro goes all out-conspiracy theory madness by suggesting that anyone believing in the protective power of a mask has probably only ever watched CNN or MSNBC. He then obviously decides to shine the light of clarity on his previous “sheep” statement by referring to a New York Post episode during which Washington state Sheriff Robert Snaza invites people to actually break the laws of sound health and safety by refusing to show sheep-like behaviour.

The Folly Of Being Short-Sighted

Matusow’s unsavoury rant came shortly after Caesars Entertainment declared the wearing of protective face masks no longer imposable on its employees only, but mandatory to everyone entering any of its properties.

Sisolak mere hours after Caesars’ announcement signed a new directive of his own into place – a directive requiring everyone in the state to wear a mask in all places (indoor as well as outdoor) where the following of physical distancing guidelines aren’t practically possible.

What Mike Matusow obviously isn’t able to see is the real danger of casinos and Poker rooms having to potentially re-close their doors in the event that the current increasing rate of infections continues to escalate.

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