Loto-Québec In Hot Water Over Poker Glitch

By Ben Hamill - February 18 2021

Loto-Québec In Hot Water Over Poker Glitch

A ruling by the Superior Court of Quebec late last week might spell trouble afoot for Crown corporation Loto-Québec after a technical glitch occurred on its OK POKER online platform. Between July 9, 2019 and May 18 last year, players accessing the platform via an iPad were somehow able to view the cards of winners in the hand history section of the platform, which allegedly led to unfair advantages in favour of iOS users.

According to the details of a lawsuit filed by lawyer Joey Zukran (LPC Avocats) on behalf of complainant Elisabetta Bertucci, the supposed glitch occurred only across Apple’s iOS platforms, allowing iPad users to take unfair advantage of the system in ways PC players weren’t able to. Being able to view recently played hands can give a player a definite advantage over their opponents, as this sort of historical view reveals much about a player’s individual style and strategy.

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The Details Of The Lawsuit

According to the complainant, she herself suffered significant monetary damages because of the unexpected glitch in the system. If the court were to find that this had indeed been so, Loto-Québec may find itself hundreds of thousands of dollars out of pocket owing to reimbursements and damages payable to all affected parties.

The lawsuit filed on behalf of Bertucci seeks a court order that will compensate the affected parties by instructing the Crown corporation to not only reimburse all affected players for damages suffered as a direct result of the glitched mechanic, but also to pay an additional CA$300 in punitive damages to each individual slipped short.

The Unfair Advantage

Loto-Québec has in the meantime responded briefly to the averments made in the lawsuit application before court. The Crown corporation has denied the accusations, saying that all players have access to historical Texas Hold’em Poker as a rule – whatever the device they happen to be using to access the platform.

But according to Bertucci, she personally has lost around CA$18,000 resulting from what she refers to as a mishap and a glitch in the system. She now wants damages not only for herself, but also for everyone else negatively impacted.

How Bertucci came to discover the glitch isn’t known, especially since she clearly did not implement the information supposedly at her disposal in her own strategy. Loto-Québec has not yet commented on whether or not the same information had been available to everyone, irrespective of the type of device they might have been using at the time.

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