Loto-Québec Faces Class Action Over Poker Glitch

By Ben Hamill - June 05 2020

Loto-Québec Faces Class Action Over Poker Glitch

Crown corporation and popular online gaming and Poker destination Loto-Québec has been confirmed as facing serious charges as well as a class-action lawsuit as a result of what appears to be a nasty technical glitch that caused unfair advantages in favor of some of its online Poker players. The application for the class action lawsuit was filed earlier this month. The application reportedly refers specifically to some players having been advantaged, which in turn necessarily disadvantaged some others in the online version of the popular game Texas Hold’em Poker, as offered on the corporation’s digital gaming platform.

The glitch is apparently of a purely technical nature and was on June 1st brought to the attention of the Quebec Superior Court by a legal firm representing hard-done-by online Poker enthusiast and Texas Hold’em player, Elisabetta Bertucci.

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What’s In The Hole?

The application to file for class action was drawn and actioned on behalf of Bertucci by Quebec-based court advocacy services firm LPC Advocat Inc., a law firm specialising in class actions and consumers’ rights. Joey Zukran has been confirmed as the lawyer representing the firm.

Bertucci in the filed application claims to have lost at least CA$18,000 as a direct result of the glitch present on Loto-Quebec’s online Poker platform. The glitch, which had supposedly occurred up until around May 18th, 2020, had caused the platform to malfunction in such a way that it created an unfair advantage for the benefit of players accessing the platform from devices running on Apple’s iOS operating system.

The glitched system had supposedly offered to iOS users the option to reveal hole cards in the possession of their online Poker opponents. The system would then reportedly automatically reveal the pair of hole cards dealt at the end of each hand, without any input from the player. The revelation of the cards would then benefit iOS users in such a way that they were in the unfair position of being able to adjust their own strategies and plan their upcoming moves in such a way so as to eventually win hands.

Invitation To Join

LPC Advocat Inc. has since invited all individuals who believe they may have been affected by the glitch to register in order to add their names to the class action lawsuit filed against Loto-Québec. The lawsuit claims that Loto-Québec did not only fail at providing players with a fair and reliable iGaming platform, but that the Crown corporation is furthermore guilty of having violated the rules of Texas Hold’em Poker. 

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