Patrick Leonard Unleashes Poker Training War

By Ben Hamill - March 31 2021

Patrick Leonard Unleashes Poker Training War

That the road to Hades is paved with good intentions is no secret. And apparently even more so when your name is Patrick Leonard and your playground the online Poker scene.

Leonard on Friday sparked a spat between two of Germany’s best Poker players when he dared compliment online Poker training sites DTO Poker and Raise Your Edge on what they were doing for the game. What ultimately ended up being the spark that lit the fuse was clearly a thing of rivalry, with several big names in Poker soon after having jumped on the competition band wagon.

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Too Many Cooks

It clearly didn’t take much more than a heartfelt compliment to get Dominik Nitsche and Ben Rolle at each other’s throats in the worst and most revealing of ways.

Rolle – the mastermind behind flagship training content “Poker Tournament Masterclass” – is the guy behind online Poker training site Raise Your Edge. With Raise Your Edge around for literally years, Masterclass was pretty much all about taking the whole training your Poker brain thing to the next level.

Nitsche, on the other hand, only boarded the Poker “educate yourself” train in 2019. This was the year he and Markus Prinz joined forces by releasing DTO Postflop, which would as recently as last month be followed up by DTO Preflop.

Then – incidentally also last month – Run It Once released a 160-video tutorial series called PADS on PADS, compiled by none other than British high-stakes Poker pro Patrick “Pads” Leonard. All of which makes it clear that Leonard’s war-of-words-sparking comment had honestly been made with no ill intent.

The Snake In The Oil

The first to take the “bait” in the worst of ways had been Nitsche, who clearly takes major issue with Rolle’s Poker Tournament Masterclass.

Describing Masterclass’s strategy as no more than a money-making ploy that misrepresents itself in terms of what it is able to help upcoming Poker players achieve, Nitsche explained in a responding tweet that the only reason DTO is considered a “niche product” was because a certain “masterclass creator” prefers to lie about what DTO can do for a player’s game.

Rolle – as was to be expected – immediately stepped in defending his “honour” with a 12-part tweet, calling upon Nitsche to quit considering a good marketing strategy to be putting others down in order to punt one’s one brand of training material. He then proceeded to verge into the realm of the completely unexpected by calling Nitsche a “snake” that has now taken to fight the “bad” creators of masterclass even though he never actually had a problem with the material or its creators in the past.

Nitsche, clearly not one wanting to be outdone by a guy just turned opponent at an all-new level, responded by going “one up” on Rolle, calling him a trader in snake oil, clearly intending to portray him as something of a Tony Robins of the Poker world.

Here’s betting Patrick Leonard won’t be all that keen to dish out public compliments in future.

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