Leonard Patrick Bags $1.61M Career Win

By Ben Hamill - May 20 2020

Leonard Patrick Bags $1.61M Career Win

GGPoker’s World Series of Poker Circuit Ring Event #8: HR Championship has seen to it that U.K. Poker prodigy Patrick Leonard nabs the biggest score of his long and celebrated career so far when he finished in the runner-up position on May 17.

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The pro player often described as the most ambitious man in Poker, was one of a field of 505 players who, each having put up buy-ins to the tune of $25,000 for the chance to compete, saw to it that the guaranteed $10 million in prize money was increased by an additional $2,372,500. The top 72 finishers each received a slice of the prize-money pie.

A melee of famous online Poker personas could be seen doing their thing in the hopes of cracking the ultimate Poker code and the event saw players from all over the world compete for their share of the fantastic prize money.  

Last “Men” Standing

Players from Ireland and the U.K. who managed to cash in included pDNA, Golden snitch, grabben123 and patrickl. Golden snitch ended up securing a $138,153 10th-place finish, with Sub_Zero backed up into 9th place when Leonard’s ace-three tripped up their pocket nines.

Brazil-based gaufreancienne nabbed an 8th-place finish by showing pocket queens against the aces of “HotPot44”. The 7th-place bragging rights went to AlwaysWithNuts, as did $340,956 in prize money. “M0therLover” ended up getting the boot courtesy of “800-522-4700” and ended up in 5th place and with prize money to the tune of $634,592 to boot.

Banking On Running Up

The digit-crazy 800-522-4700 next up made work of Canadian Poker force BlackPhillip when his queen-jack was forced to make way for digit-crazy’s ace-queen. BlackPhillip did however manage to make a not-too-shabby $865,750 exit.

It was at that point down final-three HotPot44, Patrick “Babu$hka” Leonard and of course, “800-522-4700”. HotPot44 would ultimately end up hitting the showers in 3rd-place overall, leaving Leonard in a head-to-head final-two battle of the aces with 800-522-4700.

The eventual two-to-one heads-up lead enjoyed by 800-522-4700 proved too steep of a curve to scale and our man Leonard had to make his peace with a 2nd-place finish and a sweltering $1,611.341 tucked safety into the runner-up bag. The resilient 800-522-4700 left with $2,198,292 and a WSOP Circuit ring too.

Leonard’s online tournament winnings are now at an all-time high and officially clear of the $11.3 million mark.

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