Fedor Kruse Accused Of High-Stakes Cheating

By Ben Hamill - September 18 2020

Fedor Kruse Accused Of High-Stakes Cheating

A well-known online Poker player has been accused by two of his former housemates of cheating in high-stakes cash games by making illicit use of “solver” software.

According to Fedor Kruse’s former Vienna housemates, identified only as “Niklas” and “Manuel”, Kruse has been making regular use of a solver for cheating at games played at a variety of online Poker rooms, including GGPoker’s Natural8 and America’s Cardroom.

Niklas and Manuel on Sunday posted several screenshots of conversations allegedly exchanged between themselves and Kruse, as well as photos of the computer-aided setup the high-stakes player had supposedly been using in order to win. Though the player using the illicit system cannot be identified due to the angle at which the photos were taken, the images clearly show three monitors displaying a combination of open tables on Natural8 and America’s Cardroom on two of the three, and an active solver displaying a river dealt out on the third.

The screenshots show mostly WhatsApp messages exchanged between Manuel and Niklas and a person alleged to be Kruse.

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The Setup

The use of solvers – or Real Time Systems - are strictly forbidden in online Poker. Cheats making use of solver computer software typically play Poker on one computer while running the illicit software on another. The two-pc system is used as such for the purpose of confusing mouse-tracking systems. Said software is able to easily generate pre-solved “decision trees” – based of course on whatever hand happens to be active at any given moment. Optimal outcomes are constantly being generated and refreshed.

As for their own involvement with Kruse, the player’s former housemates have acknowledged that it had been wrong to benefit from the alleged wrongdoer’s actions while knowing full well that he was cheating. They did however after some time had lapsed report the trickster to PokerStars and claim to have in the meantime evicted Kruse from their home in Vienna.

Kruse A Regular Grinder

Kruse, a former “Call of Duty” video games streamer, is thought to have transitioned into Poker around 2015. He has since then rapidly climbed the stakes-ladder – reportedly ascending from initial $100 hands played, to $400 hands recently played on GGPoker.

When the alleged cheater started making non-intuitive plays, and all “solver-approved” a group of German players, which group included the two whistle-blowers, started to become suspicious of Kruse’s unlikely ascend to success.

A regular participant in the recently concluded World Series of Poker online series at GGPoker, Kruse even managed to make it to the final table of a WSOP bracelet event. He also finished second in a ring event, as a result of which he bagged $92k.

GGPoker has not yet commented on the alleged goings-on.

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