Kornuth Back In The Black In Galfond Challenge

By Ben Hamill - October 26 2020

Kornuth Back In The Black In Galfond Challenge

Whether or not career Poker player Chance Kornuth will ultimately succeed where both VeniVidi1993 and ActionFreak have failed remains to be seen. But as for right now, and following Wednesday’s session, Kornuth’s $190,000 finish in the black certainly seems indicative of success. Not that Phil Galfond hasn’t dug his way out of a self-made money hole before in his WSOP.com-broadcast Galfond Challenge.

Playing under the screen name “BingShui”, Kornuth is the latest contender to have accepted a challenge from Run It Once Poker-guy Phil Galfond, aka “HeyGuys”. The most recent leg of the challenge got underway on September 23.

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Kornuth Plays Pedigree Poker

Denver-born Chance Kornuth, a double World Series of Poker gold bracelet winner boasting nearly $7.5 million in career tournament earnings, certainly seems to have what it takes to get underneath Phil Galfond’s skin. On the other hand, that’s exactly what was said of both of Galfond’s previous opponents too.

If the most recent four consecutive sessions played are anything to go buy, then it would be safe to say that Kornuth has made a successful comeback from a month’s worth of having remained trapped in the red. Galfond’s point of (disad)vantage is however a different story altogether, with the four most recent losses suffered against Chance Kornuth being anything but small: US$79,000, $84,000, $150,000, and $157,000.

With Galfond now down $190,000, the challenge is yet again threatening to become harrowingly mental – and not in a Poker sort of way. Kornuth’s current lead over the high stakes Run It Once master is perfectly reminiscent of the start of the sequence of events that very nearly saw Galfond finish a crazy €900k+ out of pocket opposite VeniVidi1993 back in the early months of 2020.

The Story So Far

Phil Galfond kicked off his Galfond Challenge earlier this year as a way for the high-stakes player to promote his Run It Once Poker room following his retirement from working the big-money circuit scene.

Originally from Maryland in the U.S., Galfond wasted no time rising to fame while still in college nearly 15 years ago. He soon became a high-takes cash game force to be reckoned with on the erstwhile and now defunct Full Tilt Poker – with his all-time online earnings by February 2013 surpassing a phenomenal $10,000,000.

Opponents played thus far as part of his Galfond Challenge are ActionFreak, VeniVidi1993, and entrepreneur Bill Perkins. The challenge started in April against Perkins has however not progressed much further than a couple of sessions played. The pair have explained the pause as being the result of scheduling hiccups. 

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