Koplimaa Wins Barcelona EPT Poker Stop

By Ben Hamill - August 28 2019

Koplimaa Wins Barcelona EPT Poker Stop

The European Poker Tournament has officially kicked off in Barcelona and pro-champion Markku Koplimaa is the man to have taken down the 2019 €1,100 EPT National Barcelona. Koplimaa proved to be the embodiment of what makes Poker to be the million-dollar global industry that it is. The man of the hour outwitted, outlasted and outplayed a mammoth 4,682 field of players and made it all the way to the incredible €585,500 first prize win.

Koplimaa took his seat at the final table alongside the benefit of a giant chip lead. He soon recognised a proper challenge in the person of Adam Hendrix. Koplimaa was on the money in more ways than one and especially so in his initial sizing up of his number 1 opponent. Hendrix, it soon transpired, wasn’t about to go down without a fight.

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They Came And They Left

The call got going in true all-in style and a short stack was where the sudden death action was immediately at. Players came and players went, including names like Eldaras Rafijevas and Matias Arosuo.

But it was Jose Quintas who managed to lay claim to the unluckiest of Poker trophies. First out and understandably not happy about the fact, it was now up to the rest of the table to make things work for the bankroll.

The big blind meant that trouble was afoot in the corner of Barry McGovern and a pocket of eights effectively smashed the player’s dreams of walking away king of the tournament. McGovern did at least manage to leave the scene in 5th place. This meant that it was officially time for the final four to show their steel.

And show their steel they did.

Sudden Death

Next, Koplimaa proved the ultimate undoing of Arusuo and 4th place was where the day was going to be at for the latter. It was at this point down to Hendrix and Rafijevas to whip out the best of the remaining tricks up their collective sleeves.

They played steady hands and held their poses but in the end their best performance wasn’t up to the stellar challenge presented by Koplimaa. Much in the way of crossing fingers and feverish praying followed. Hendrix eventually called the time to double-up and Rafijevas was eventually made to take his leave.

Heads up lasted less than 10 minutes and before Hendrix even realised the enormity of what was about to go down, Koplimaa had won the Poker battle as well as the war.

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