Poker’s Kevin “Racks” Roster Has Died

By Ben Hamill - July 31 2019

Poker’s Kevin Racks Roster Has Died

Poker lover and all-round good guy Kevin “Racks” Roster has passed away. Roster was in 2017 diagnosed as suffering from sarcoma, a particularly unforgiving form of cancer. But instead of lying down and waiting for the inevitable to happen, Roster resolved to make the most of however much time he had left in the land of the living. Roster had his mind set firmly on enjoying whatever Poker-playing time he had left and also on raising awareness of every person’s right to die in a dignified manner, even if that meant assisted suicide.

But there was a problem. Roster at the time of his diagnosis lived in New Jersey, where assisted suicide wasn’t legal. He did not exactly have the liberty of being able to wait it out until the laws changed and ultimately made the difficult decision to move to California so as to avoid spending his last days confronted the very real possibility of dying from asphyxiation. The decision to pack up and go was difficult because of the fact that Roster’s ex-wife and his son, who was at the time, only 9 years old.

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Realising The WSOP Dream

What ultimately helped making the decision a great deal easier was that it became necessary to amputate one of Roster’s legs. The Poker lover had developed a huge tumour and barring the amputation of his leg, the tumour would have consumed the rest of his body in no time. Medical personnel did not expect Roster to survive the amputation, but against all odds, and true to his resilient and positive nature, Kevin “Racks” Roster did indeed pull through, if only to make good on his commitment to move to California and have a final go at winning a WSOP gold bracelet.

Roster never did manage to tick “WSOP gold bracelet” of his list of things to do before dying, but what he did manage to achieve was to cash in 4 events in a very short period of time. This included a career-best win of $22,561 for having finished 38/6035 in the $1,500 No Limit Monster Stack event.

Forever Loving The Game

Time was however not at all on Roster’s side and he passed away on July 26th. His caregiver formally announced his passing on Twitter and said that it had been Roster’s dying wish that his Poker family should know that even though he never had the opportunity to meet most of Poker’s greats, he wanted Poker’s best to know that they were the people who had helped him cope with his exceptionally difficult last days.

Loving Poker even to his very last breath. May Kevin “Racks” Roster forever be remembered in this way. Because that’s what he would have wanted.

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