AJ Kelsall Wins WSOP Global Casino Champ

By Ben Hamill - September 16 2020

AJ Kelsall Wins WSOP Global Casino Champ

This year for the first time in the history of the event hosted online, the invite-only World Series of Poker Global Casino Championship concluded yet again in super-successful fashion on September 13. Hosted this year in Nevada as well as New Jersey, the tournament once again saw only the cream of the Poker crop competing for the incredible $1 million in prize money.

The player field this year 130 individuals strong, is a field without exception made up exclusively of World Series of Poker Circuit Main Event winners, or players named “Casino Champ”. The US$10,000 buy-in entry fee certainly reflected the exclusivity of the winner’s circle extravaganza.

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No Easy Win

The 2020 online version of the event took all of 11 hours to conclude. And in the end – 11 hours and much blood and sweat and effort later – it was no one other than three-time World Series of Poker Circuit ring champion winner AJ Kelsall walking away with the fantastic 1st-place prize money.

Kelsall’s journey to the final dual played opposite Michael Trivett was no easy fight by any standard. After having started off around middle chip-stack position, Kelsall wasted no time getting rid of Shawn Daniels (5th - $64,735) and Brad Albrinck (3rd - $120,161) – both of which oustings obviously led directly to heads-up play.

And though a tournament nearly an entire 12-hour day long in the making, once the action had proceeded to the final table-stage, Kelsall wasted no time establishing his dominance on the virtual felt.

Kelsall Wins First Gold Bracelet

Consisting of a player profile 8 esteemed Poker individuals strong, the final table would prove no casual party to any of the high-profile competitors. These included players the likes of Eric Ethans (7th - $39,055), Michael Wang (4th - $87,098), and Sam Cosby (6th - $49,541).

By the time Kelsall had proceeded all the way to the final heads-up dual opposite Trivett, he had established himself firmly in a 2 to 1 chip lead. Trivett, however, proved exceptionally quick on doubling up and stripping Kelsall of his initial lead.

This would however not last very long. Kelsall expertly regained his position of leadership before eventually winning the final hand of the event and claiming a phenomenal 1st-place finish in the process.

Without a doubt significant on a personal as well as professional level, is the fact that Kelsall not only outlasted the best of the best of Poker by winning the event, but also in doing so, secured his very first WSOP gold bracelet.

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