Joey Ingram Weighs In On Postle And Dancing With Death

By Ben Hamill - June 28 2020

Joey Ingram Weighs In On Postle And Dancing With Death

Not only is Vancouver native Joey Ingram notorious for his crazy prop bets and for being the man behind the public calling out of Mike Postle, but he’s also making headlines of an altogether different (not to mention not necessarily positive) variety.

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“Chicago Joey” has after 2 months on pause made a controversial return to not only broadcasting on YouTube but also to Las Vegas live Poker. Many would consider hitting the live Poker rooms full-on at this early stage in the reopening game to be bordering on a death wish. Ingram however, never one to be outdone in any which department, has not only gone about the business of mingling with others as if this were the most normal thing in the world to do right now, but seems to be intent on looking death squarely in the eyes by taunting fate with his opinions on plexiglass protective divisions being not unlike playing in “prison”.

He Won’t Be Losing His Mind

Only time will tell whether Joey Ingram’s casual attitude toward a global health crisis, sickness and even death is real, or whether his obvious lack of care is all talk and primarily concerned with social media likes and evoking online attention.

But it should in all fairness also be mentioned that Ingram is no island in his disregard of reality. Several high-profile Poker personalities appear to share Chicago Joey’s determined resolve to live life in the fast lane and possibly risking death as opposed to (in Ingram’s own words), “losing his mind at home”.

On The Flip Side

Ingram’s attitude toward live Poker and gambling with death is in stark contrast with an attitude displayed earlier on this year by Chris “Big Huni” Hunichen. Having managed to build quite the career out of playing Poker over the course of nearly two decades, the WSOP regular enjoys quite the following on social media.

Which is why when Hunichen in April issued stakes that would see him make money in the event that more than 100,000 people lost their lives to the invisible viral enemy, the internet went berserk.  Followers and fellow Poker players (including top-bench Canadian player Daniel Negreanu) were clearly offended by what they deemed an attempt to cash in on the tragedy of others.

Hunichen in his response to the outrage however explained that the idea wasn’t to make money off of lives lost but instead, having grown increasingly more fearful of what it all meant in terms of his own fate, wanted to raise awareness about the importance of staying at home. His tweet, explained Big Huna, originated from a place of disgust.

Chris Hunichen and Joey Ingram – same same, but different.

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