Inaugural Women’s Poker Summit Approaches

By Ben Hamill - August 12 2018

Proposed Women's Summit

In an exciting new announcement, the World Poker Tour (WPT) has announced that it will host its very first Women’s Summit during the WPT500 in Los Angeles, USA. The revelation of the new summit comes as a bid to boost female participation in the game, and to encourage women to explore the industry for themselves.

Female players constitute a measly 4% of the entire World Series of Poker field, despite the fact that almost 8,000 people participated in the most recent event. Considering that the latest iteration of WSOP was the second largest in the tournament’s history, many in the industry feel that women should be better represented in such large-scale events than they are currently.

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More Women Needed

According to journalist Lee Davy, upon visiting the Triton Poker Series in Jeju, he noticed just a single female player sitting at a table. When it comes to the growth of the industry, he said, it’s clear to see that the female player pool is an ‘untapped goldmine’ – and if any event can get women more involved, it’s the World Poker Tour.

When the 2018 shortlist for the Women in Poker Hall of Fame was revealed, three of the listed ladies worked at the World Poker Tour: Mandy Glogow, Hermance Blum, and Angelica Hael. Since then, Hael has made it her personal mission to increase the number of women in the game, hopefully evening the playing field somewhat between themselves and their male counterparts.

Hermance BlumProfessional Poker Player, Hermance Blum

Summit Taking Place on August 26

Hael’s initial attempt will happen at the first WPT Women’s Poker Summit, which will take place on Sunday, August 26 at 2pm at the Bicycle Hotel & Casino. The event is officially a part of the WPT500 Los Angeles circuit, and will be held in the Dynasty Room of the casino for all who wish to take part.

According to a statement from Hael, one of the WPT’s foremost responsibilities should be to grow the game, which makes it fortuitous that the Bicycle Hotel and Casino is just a few miles away from WPT headquarters. According to Hael, half of the world’s population is female, which makes it disappointing to see such a small fraction of them involved. She now aims to address the problem by attracting more women and keeping them involved.

Angelica HaelAngelica Hael

The WPT has limited seats for the upcoming summit, which can be booked by emailing their events department. Representatives from the media, casino partners, non-poker industry executives, and numerous women’s organisations are set to attend, along with both pro and recreational female players. Men may also attend the summit, although naturally, the focus will be on the fairer members of the audience this time around.

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