Fedor Holtz To Take On Wiktor Malinowski

By Ben Hamill - March 04 2021

Fedor Holtz To Take On Wiktor Malinowski

Notwithstanding his incredible Poker prowess and more than $18 million in live and online tournament winnings, Poker prince Fedor Holz will be the underdog even as he takes on a “drunk” Wiktor “Limitless” Malinowski.

He heads-up specialist a few weeks ago challenged German wunderkind Holtz to a game of heads-up at the stakes of Holtz’s choosing, saying he’d even be willing to play the German after finishing a full bottle of wine.

It all started with last year’s “Legends Showdown” hosted by Run It Once. The elite Poker extravaganza saw Holtz progress all the way to the semi-finals after powering his way through the group phase while accruing a massive $120,420 in pure profit – profit that included money made from victories over ultimate challenge finalists Kevin Rabichow and Pauli Ayras. 

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Malinowski On The Back-End

Nowhere to be seen had been initial entry Wiktor Malinowski, who had reportedly withdrawn at the last minute to play a few games of wild action of his own over on GGPoker. But instead of feeling ashamed by his reneging on the action at Run It Once, Malinowski fired away a mighty challenge at Holtz during an interview with Joey Ingram on the “Poker Life Podcast”. Malinowski famously boasted at the time that he would be willing to even play Holtz “drunk”.

The German issued no response either way in return, opting instead to maintain his notorious radio silence in response to Malinowski’s heated challenge. But it has now emerged that Holtz had merely been biding his time and mulling over the issue of heads-up Poker, a style of play considered a particularly precarious specialty.

Holtz Proposes Zoom And Drinks

Holtz eventually last week broke his brooding silence when he took to Twitter to issue a challenge of his own to Malinowski: instead of losing all of his money to Russian heads-up specialist Stefan “Stefan11222” Burakov, Malinowski should rather join him (Holtz) for “Zoom and drinks”.

Malinowski eventually last Friday responded in the affirmative to Holtz’s challenge, prompting the German pro to be careful what he wished for, and adding that he would be willing to take on not only Holtz (drunk), but also two of his best students (at the same time).

The stand-down, which will be hosted by PokerShares, has Malinowski pegged at odds of 68.6% vs. Holtz’s 31.4%. But while Holtz may have gracefully assumed the position of underdog on the odds-lines, he certainly would not have accepted the cocky challenge had he not thought he could emerge the winner.

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