Hellmuth Upsets Esfandiari A Second Time

By Ben Hamill - September 28 2020

Hellmuth Upsets Esfandiari A Second Time

High-stakes Poker pounders Phil Hellmuth and Antonio Esfandiari have been arch-rivals on the felt for longer than any of the two would probably care to remember. In fact, for 18 years has Esfandiari been a professional thorn in Hellmuth’s side. All of which will without a doubt have made Hellmuth’s recent second grandiose toppling of Esfandiari in a $200,000 PokerGO High Stakes Duel only all the sweeter an on-the-felt revenge.

The popular PokerGO series, which series features a $50,000 by-in per player, saw the first round between the two high-stakes players competed earlier on this year in August. Hellmuth reigned supreme against “The Magician” back then, and he’s just beat him at a stint of self-inflicted double trouble yet again.

The series provides for a voluntary next-round match if the players were to choose to go at it for “one more round”, with each new round seeing the buy-in doubled up. If any round’s loser chooses to drop out after that particular round, someone else can then opt to buy in on their seat. By the time Round 8 of the series has been reached, the prize-pool will have reached an anticipated $12.8 million.

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Facing The Final Bullet

As for the now finalised Round 2, it was Hellmuth who could be seen doubling three times from a position of all-in. This in turn led to a very frustrated Esfandiari accusing Hellmuth of being nothing other than “so lucky”. By this point in the game, Antonio “The Magician” Esfandiari had been sculpted down to all of a meagre 15 big blinds. 

By the time the final hand got played, it was already practically all over for The Magician, who was by now unable to trick his way back into continued action. His jack-ten proved a dismal end to a promising round opposite Phil “The Poker Brat” Hellmuth’s king-ten.

Three Times In For Esfandiari

As for Esfandiari, when pre-competition posed with the question of whether or not a lost Round 2 would lead to a Round 3 attempt, The Magician’s answer came swift and easy, “Standard auto.” – all of which means we’ll be seeing Esfandiari try a third time round to stick it to Phil Hellmuth when the phenomenal duo battle it out for a crazy $400k on the felt in about 3 weeks’ time from now.

Here’s hoping on a third-time lucky result for the ever-the-gentleman Magician of the competitive high-stakes world of Poker.

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