Phil Hellmuth Looking To Extend Winning Streak

By Ben Hamill - May 05 2021

Phil Hellmuth Looking To Extend Winning Streak

Phil Hellmuth will face off against Daniel Negreanu in the second round of High Stakes Duel on Wednesday night. This is the fifth instalment of PokerGo’s heads-up poker show. Prior to the match between the poker world’s most famous players, there was a lot of brash talk between the two of them. Negreanu stated that while Hellmuth performs well in low and mid-stakes tournaments, he falters when it comes to major league events.

Hellmuth kept his responses to his adversary polite and respectful for the most part. However, during a pre-match event, he claimed to be the apex predator of poker.

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A Man On A Mission

It’s no secret that Hellmuth is a complicated man. He might be the greatest of all time in conversations about poker, but in the game itself, it is almost impossible to be definitive. There are so many variances that can obscure everything.

Hellmuth is a bit of a walking contradiction. He is calculated but at the same time, has the tendency to be a tilter. He is vain but insecure. He is also an introvert who appears to thrive in the limelight. The obnoxious but likeable player is married to a psychiatrist. She understands his psychology, but so too does Negreanu. He knew exactly what he was doing the moment he took aim at Hellmuth’s credentials.

More Wins On The Cards?

At the crux of it, High Stakes Duel is merely a glorified heads-up Sit ‘n’ Go. The tournament boasts escalating blinds and a 500bb starting stack. In the earlier part of the encounter between Hellmuth and Negreanu back in March of this year, it became very clear that Negreanu had the upper hand. He just had a much deeper understanding of deep-stacked ranges and sizing. This instantly gave him a massive edge over Hellmuth. It was likely amplified by the fact that just a few months earlier, Negreanu paid for some expensive heads-up lessons when facing off against Doug Polk.

For a time, the contest between the two seemed to be over with Negreanu holding 97,000 of the 100,000 chips in play. However, Hellmuth somehow managed to pull it back and completed an unfathomable comeback after six hours of play. After giving himself the title of apex predator, Hellmuth appears to be indestructible in the context of Wednesday’s matchup. Will he be able to stick it to his critics and defy the odds once more?

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