Bluff-Fest As Daniel Loses Twice To Phil

By Ben Hamill - May 10 2021

Bluff-Fest As Daniel Loses Twice To Phil

“The Poker Brat” Phil Helmuth recently pulled off yet another one up on Canadian Poker-pro Daniel Negreanu when he beat his worthy opponent to the victor’s post in Round 2 of the High Stakes dual on PokerGO. After Round 1, which emerged as one of most riveting heads-up matches ever televised, the dynamic duo recently went all in once again, this time upping their antes to an incredible $100k a piece for a thrilling 30-minute live sit-n-go.

After Round 1 had been preceded by all the pomp and circumstance of a world wresting stand-off, it would have been hard to imagine that the second round would come even close – but it did. Much of the same played out on the felt, with Hellmuth off to a seemingly slow start and Negreanu fully in control of his game. And much of the same could be seen in terms of the ultimate progression and result, with Negreanu left with no other option but to congratulate his worthy opponent for having engineered yet another strong and mighty comeback.

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Bluffing Their Way To All-In

The pair almost right off the bat jumped on the bluff wagon, with Negreanu pushing his luck all the way to an over-bet on the river, and Hellmuth after the fact ruing that he’d not called his opponent right there and then.

Hellmuth wasted no time striking and getting his own back, and several bluffs later, had diluted Negreanu’s control to nothing more than a flailing dance.

By the time a massive 2,000 preflop had come up, it would be Negreanu gasping for air as he discovered himself at a deficit for the first time in several rounds. Negreanu then revved his engines just in time to see him tail-light his opponent, with Hellmuth taking a disastrous turn on a 1,600-check call. This led to a snap-call to Negreanu, who potted 14,400 before being called back in for a 2-to-1 once again.

Last Chance Saloon For Kid Poker

By the time the first indications of an all-in were breathed, the tables turned suddenly, first in favour of Negreanu, and then in favour of his opponent.

This game of Poker-tennis continued for a few hands before ultimately crashing down around the Canadian Poker master off the back of a big bluff by his opponent – but was turned around yet again shortly after when Negreanu top-topped on a paired board.

By the time the pair reached the big showdown, Negreanu said he had grown nervous despite his lead at the time over Hellmuth. It all exploded in a massive fail to fold by the Canadian, which catapulted Hellmuth to a convincing two rounds up on Negreanu.

With Round 3 coming up soon, Negreanu will have his last opportunity at a rematch. And should he fail for a third time round, he’ll have no other option to pay to Hellmuth his dues on the cash-out.

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