Irish Twitch Champ Wins Second SCOOP Title

By Ben Hamill - April 28 2021

Irish Twitch Champ Wins Second SCOOP Title

Irish online Poker ace Fintan “EasyWithAces” Hand made full use of what could very well be described as the biggest virtual gaming weekend of the year when he only just beat a power outage to grab the second SCOOP title of his career.

Millions of dollars changed hands on the weekend, but the ultimate hoo-ha was without a doubt the Irish champ’s dramatic and convincing performance during the $5,200 PKO event on PokerStars. The famous Twitch streamer was seen starring alongside a host of prominent Poker players, including Andy “BowieEffect” Wilson, Thomas “WushuTM” Muehloecker, and Jareth “jareth3542” East, top name but a few.

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The Twitch Master Strikes Again

While competing, hand was live-broadcasting his game via his Twitch Channel, complete with a full analysis of each hand played, a whole lot of finger wagging and waving, and even a session of pumping-it dancing – something his channel has become famous for among his many followers.

While competing for his second SCOOP win, he played against Argentinian Poker stud Lucas Landa – with around 15,000 Twitchers along for the thrilling online ride.

By the time the action had boiled down to heads-up play, Hand had his entire entourage glued to their screens as he pipped his Argentinian opponent to the ultimate online Poker post. And no surprises either, as he took the lead already early on. He then proceeded to lose his winning get-ahead only seconds before the power went out, leaving the Irish stud literally sitting in the dark with nowhere to go from there but the victory post. 

Hand The Pioneer

Hand was in fact one of the first Poker professionals ever to stream his virtual on-felt action to a live Twitch audience. He began his Twitch journey in 20105 while still an SNG player at the time, before slowly but steadily starting to build his bankroll to the competitive bulk it is today.

By the time 2020 rolled around, he had cemented for himself a stellar reputation as one of the best online Poker aces the felt had ever seen. Now one of Twitch’s biggest names in online Poker streaming, he regularly has his named mentioned along the likes of Lex Veldhuis, a seemingly unbeatable force in the world of virtual Poker.

Hand currently grinds away at one of the most gruelling online Poker schedules in the land – with everything his clearly been working so hard for finally having culminated in the weekend’s exciting win of his career.

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