Polk Celebrates Grudge Match Win

By Ben Hamill - February 07 2021

Polk Celebrates Grudge Match Win

The battle is done. The ultimate grudge has been put to rest between Canadian master Poker player Daniel “KidPoker” Negreanu and American semi-retired player Doug Polk. And it now seems as if the score between the pair of long-time rivals has been settled on as well as off the felt.

It all began as a furious standoff between two players who seemed to hate the very sight of each other. But now that the ultimate Grudge Match between two of the world’s greatest players has come to an end, it’s clear that Polk, even after he became $1.2 million richer at his opponent’s expense, has discovered a new level of respect for Negreanu.

The end-result was irrefutable and categorical: at an incredible win rate of 12 BB/100 accumulated across 25,000 hands played over 36 sessions spanning 3 months, Polk has emerged the superior player between the two.

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It Was Polk’s Game All Along

It isn’t as if Negreanu got off on the same foot used to step over the finishing line, though. But while he traded off the lead more than just a few times, ultimately, Polk proved himself a strong enough component to regain command of the match pretty much every single time after the pair had passed the 5,000-hand mark.

Negreanu twice looked as if he might turn the tables completely in his favour, by twice reducing his $1 million in losses by nearly half. But even after the Canadian banked a monstrous win of nearly $400,000 from a single session, Polk still managed to return to hit the ground running.

What’s Next?

As for what the future holds now that Polk has won the war in empathic fashion, nobody really knows. Polk has however made his own plans quite clear in that he wants to return to his former position of semi-retirement, meaning a rematch would be out of the question – at least for now.

Negreanu, however, being an active professional player and GGPoker ambassador, isn’t likely to share Polk’s retirement sentiments.

With more than $42 million in career cashes to his name, the 6-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner isn’t likely to announce a stepping away from the game anytime soon. In fact, there’s even been talk of more showcase matches, and possibly even with Phil Galfond hanging about in the passageway.

Polk has in the meantime promised to stream some of the hands not yet seen before and started by doing exactly that by streaming the final session with the cards up for all to see.  He’s headed back into the shadows, after all.

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