GGPoker Launches StayHome Freerolls

By Ben Hamill - April 01 2020

GGPoker Launches StayHome Freerolls

Online Poker provider GGPoker may not have mentioned the current global pandemic by name, but its quite obvious that its new hourly StayHome $100 freeroll prize pools are intended to give those stuck at home something fun and completely free to do with their free time. The operator released new software on March 27, which includes a number of special promotions. It obviously helps to have a goal to work towards when in self-isolation or lockdown and keeping mentally fit goes a long way when looking to pass the hours in a constructive manner.

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Helping players to stay at home and safe is without a doubt a service to everyone and its good to see that the GGNetwork is acting in the interests of its players during very uncertain times. In addition to the freeroll prize pools, the operator is also rolling out Rush & Cash Daily $15k Leaderboards.

$100k Donated To Frontline

The operator also recently concluded High Rollers week at GGPoker. These carried some $9 million in guaranteed prize pools across a stunning total of 96 exciting events. But these events weren’t only exciting to those who were afforded the opportunity to play and win big cash prizes, but also to a series of frontline charities dealing with the effects of the coronavirus.

High-roller buy-ins ranged from $210 all the way up to $5,000 a piece, with 0.5% of all buy-ins donated to covid-19 charities. The operator said that this meant that it was able to pledge at least $100,000 to the cause of slowing the spread of the disease as well as supporting those working the frontlines trying to heal the sick and save people from demise.

Helping Those Who Can’t Pay

It’s a fact that even though we’re mostly all at home and in isolation, not everyone is assured of income. This means that not everyone has a couple of dollars to spend on keeping busy and entertained. But by offering hourly StayHome freerolls, GGPoker is making it possible for everyone to play Poker and to keep busy.

But aside from offering something to do at home to those not able to fork out buy-ins, the operator is also helping to preserve medical systems by enticing people to remain at home and play online Poker, instead of wondering off into the streets in search of the next best boredom-buster. This is commendable in and of itself, even with the massive amounts of money donated to frontline charities.